How Much Money Has Steve Howey Made From Acting and Why He Divorced His Wife of Eleven Years

It is the twist of life that while many spend their whole life pursuing a career in acting; seeking the prestige, fame and wealth that comes from being a member of Hollywood’s elite, it is for others the career they have had to settle in because there was no other option left on the table. The latter better describes the fascinating story of Steve Howey, who through his father’s insistence and influence, became an actor despite his lack of interest in the industry at the onset.

Howey may not be in the profession he originally wanted for himself but he has done quite well with where he found himself. He currently stars in the Showtime hit series Shameless as Kevin Ball but that is just a part of his journey in the acting business.

Steve Howey’s Father Played a Vital Role in Shaping His Career

Los Angeles, California, is the home of Hollywood, and actors from around the country come to the Mecca of filmmaking to build their careers. Steve Howey is one of those who joined the rest of the pack. He was born in San Antonio, Texas, on the 12th of July, 1977, but was raised in Denver, Colorado by his parents; Bill and Carla Howey.

Through his father, who is an actor and an acting coach, Steve Howey developed a passable interest in acting and it remained solid while he completed his education through high school in Colorado High School. The legacy followed him to Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colorado.

He Chose Acting Over Basketball

Before he got enveloped in the life of reading scripts and being at film auditions, Steve Howey, at a simpler time in his life was a basketball prodigy who attended college on a basketball scholarship.

After two years of being the darling of hundreds of people on a basketball court, he set out to become a darling of the people on TV, earning his first official acting credit in the film, Class in 1998. Following his first film appearance, Steve made subsequent appearances on television in shows like Pacific Blue, Totally Tooned In, Get Real, ER, and The Drew Carey Show.

A couple of years after appearing on television, Steve Howey returned to the big screen in 2005 with Supercross, playing K.C Carlyle. He followed it up with an appearance in DOA: Dead or Alive as Weatherby and in Bride Wars as Daniel Williams.

Howey’s Role on Shameless and Other Recent TV/Film Appearances

Steve Howey’s career has seen him feature in several notable television shows like Psych, Surviving Suburbia, and Twins. He is, however, best known for his role on Shameless as Kevin Ball where he has been a main cast member since 2010. In recent times, he has also had roles in New Girl, Workaholics, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and SEAL Team.

In regards to movie roles, Steve’s recent works include In Your Eyes, See You in Valhalla, Love on the Run, Unleashed, Game Over, and Man! An achievement that is not in the form of awards or financial compensation is Steve Howey’s luck of having twice played the love interest of the beautiful Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed and Bride Wars.

How Much Has Steve Howey Made From His Career?

A career that took off in 1998 and has continued to exist to date has helped Steve Howey build a modest net worth of around $2 to $5 million. However, there are no exact figures listed as his earnings from all his roles in television shows and movies.

Howey does not just earn a living from appearing in front of the camera. He is a known investor who has investments in companies like Opkix who make waterproof wearable video cameras. The actor is believed to have taken an interest in this company as a result of his dedication to physical activities like riding a bike, playing basketball, and swimming. This came about as a result of his upbringing which saw him get raised in a boathouse, a fact that was acknowledged by his wife when she hosted the actor’s 40th birthday on a boat.

Inside Steve Howey’s Marital Life With Sarah Shahi

Steve Howey was married to Sarah Shahi, an actress who has appeared in projects like Person of Interest and Fairly Legal. The pair met on the set of Reba in 2004. Sarah was a guest on one episode of the program and they hit it off right away as they began dating almost immediately after.

The relationship blossomed over the next 3 years, leading to their engagement in June 2007, while on vacation in Hawaii. Two years later, they got married in Las Vegas in February 2009.

Steve Howey
Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi

Five months after getting married, the couple welcomed their first child, a son they named William Wolf Howey, who was born at home in a waterbirth. They waited for 6 years before the arrival of their next child, a set of twins they named Knox Blue and Violet Moon Howey. The boy and girl twins were also given birth to at home in a waterbirth.

The Couple Divorced After More Than a Decade Together

Sometime in June 2020, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi released a joint statement announcing their decision to end their marriage. While they did not reveal much else, we have possible reasons why they made that decision. It should be noted that Sarah had filed for divorce a few months earlier in April 2020.

The first reason is believed to be infidelity. Sometime in 2016, the couple’s nanny sued them for harassment and wrongful termination. She claimed that Sarah told her of a secret affair she was having with an A-List male actor. She even went as far as showing her pictures of her lover’s genitals.

Secondly, tight work schedules and lack of intimacy could have driven both partners apart. Steve stated in an interview that because both he and Sarah were very busy with their work, they most times came home extremely tired and only expended the little energy they had left on their children while having no time for each other. As Steve often put it, they stopped liking each other and that almost broke them up earlier. Well, guess it eventually did break them up.

It’s worth noting that the couple officially cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for filing for divorce, with Sarah petitioning the court for both physical and legal custody of their children.


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