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Steve Irwin was one of the most beloved personalities in Australia as well as the world at large. Nicknamed the crocodile hunter, he dedicated his life to conservationism as well as animal welfare. He was also a natural-born communicator and introduced millions to the exciting world of the wild. Irwin sadly died in the course of doing what he loved best and members of his family have since worked to keep the flag flying. Find out more about them below.

Steve Irwin’s Parents – Robert and Lyn Irwin

Steve Irwin hailed from a family of five. His father’s name is Robert Irwin while his mother’s name is Lyn Irwin (now late). The famed naturalist also had two sisters namely Joy and Mandy. Irwin inherited his love for wild animals from his parents. His father, Robert, was a successful plumber who was also passionate about animals. In 1970, Robert purchased a 2-acre piece of land which he turned into a wildlife park known as Beerwah Reptile Park. The park served as a home to animals such as freshwater crocodiles and tiger snakes. The entire family also dedicated their time to searching for problem crocodiles and relocating them.

Robert Irwin eventually became a full-fledged naturalist and conservationist as well as a herpetologist. The Beerwah Reptile Park later turned into the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park and today, it is the world-famous Australia Zoo. Australia Zoo now encompasses 1000 acres and employs about 400 staff. Robert Irwin is sadly not on speaking terms with his late son’s wife and children.

The hostility stems from a disagreement over the treatment of staff of the zoo as well as the commercial direction that the zoo has taken. Irwin’s mom was the late Lyn Irwin. She was a maternity nurse and has been described as the Mother Teresa of wildlife rehabilitation. She often brought home injured animals and nursed them back to health, before releasing them into the wild. Lyn passed away in an automobile crash in 2000 and the Lyn Irwin Memorial Fund was established in her honor.

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How He Met His Wife

Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin’s wife, Terri, his daughter Bindi, and son Robert: image source

The late Steve Irwin was married to Terri Irwin and the couple shared a mutual passion for animal welfare. Terri (nee Raines) was born on the 20th of July 1964 in Eugene, Oregon. Her father’s name is Clarence while her mother’s name is Judy. She also has two elder sisters. Terri spent her childhood working in her family’s construction business. Her father also owned a long-haul trucking business and often brought home injured wildlife that he found on the Oregon highways. Terri developed a special affinity with these vulnerable animals and started treating them. She later trained at a vet clinic and went on to establish her own rehab facility known as Cougar Country.

In 1991, Terri Irwin embarked on a tour of some of the wildlife rehab facilities in Australia. One of them was the Australia Zoo where she met Steve. The duo fell in love at first sight and got married eight months later, on the 4th of June 1992. Rather than some exotic location, the couple decided to spend their honeymoon carrying out a crocodile rescue mission. The experience was captured on camera and would become the first episode of the hit TV series, Crocodile Hunter.

Since her husband’s death, Terri has taken over the management of Australia Zoo. She has also disclosed that she is not looking for love again as she has already had her happily ever after.

Steve Irwin’s Daughter and Son

Daughter – Bindi Sue Irwin 

Bindi Sue Irwin is the first child of Steve Irwin and she is working very hard to preserve her father’s legacy. Born on the 24th of July 1998, she spent her childhood largely surrounded by wildlife and often appeared on her father’s TV shows. Bindi has gone on to become a well-respected conservationist as well as a popular media personality. She is also an actress and musician with four studio albums to her credit.

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Bindi has hosted her own nature documentary series known as Bindi the Jungle Girl. She has also hosted a wildlife-themed game show known as Bindi’s Bootcamp. Additionally, she is a media darling and has appeared on shows such as The Ellen Degeneres Show, Larry King Live, and Good Morning America. Bindi is engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Chandler Powell. Powell is an American professional wakeboarder and the couple first met when Bindi gave Chandler and his family a tour of the Australia Zoo.

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Son – Robert Irwin 

Robert Irwin is Steve Irwin’s second child and he was born on the 1st of December 2003. Robert shares his family’s passion for wildlife and has appeared on several of their TV shows. He is also an avid photographer and enjoys wildlife photography. His passion has taken him to various parts of the world including the savannah of Africa as well as the mountains of New Zealand. Robert is an ambassador for Scout’s Australia; he uses his photos to raise money and awareness about wildlife conservation.

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