A Round-Up of Steven Suptic’s Online Endeavors, Rise to Fame and Relationship History

Steven Suptic is a ball of talent as far as the internet is concerned. Among other endeavours, he is an American YouTuber, gaming commentator, as well as an animator who, alongside Clayton James and James DeAngelis, created a gaming YouTube channel, Sugar Pine 7. The trio who make up a comedy troupe have gone ahead to win awards with their Alternative Lifestyle videos.

Previously, Steven Suptic worked with other gaming organizations like SourceFed. Though he launched his YouTube career in 2012, his success began to take shape after SourceFed was cancelled in 2017.

Steven Suptic Started His Journey To Internet Fame In His Teens

Born on the 6th of February 1993, Steven Suptic is the only child of his parents. He has often described how he would never exactly know what it means to have a sibling. His birth which was recorded in the United States of America automatically gained his citizenship, however, when it comes to the exact details of his family background, the YouTuber has been mute about it. Thus, we can only say he is American.

Also, regarding the details of his educational background, the intelligent dude is yet to reveal if he attended any educational institute. Notwithstanding, he is good at what he does.

Steven’s quest for gaming started when he was very young. He oftentimes stayed glued to the gaming pads and would always prefer it to television which is unlike most kids his age. He subsequently took his passion to the internet and opened a YouTube channel known as MIgHwnT in mid-2012.

He Started With Minecraft Video Commentaries And Animations

On the channel, MIgHwnT, the YouTuber posted several Minecraft video commentaries and animations. He kept on growing the channel and then in 2014, created a second one he dubbed HWNTwo that featured less Minecraft. While trying to grow his second channel, Steven Suptic relocated to Los Angeles to work for Discovery. He was asked to manage the gaming channel, Super Panic Frenzy with Reina Scully.

This channel is reportedly said to be associated with SourceFed, both of which were created by the gaming star, Phillip DeFranco. Both channels are solely based on everything pertaining to gaming.

Come 2016, Steven Suptic, while on his personal channel, fell back to Minecraft videos and commentaries. He subsequently rebranded the channel and also changed its name to The Steven Suptic Experience. While on rebranding the channel, he took to daily uploads of vlogs and challenge style video. Sadly, his hard work with Super Panic Frenzy hit the rocks after the channel faced potential copyright issues. Regardless, the channel which was shut down in August 2016, is still up with old videos.

A few months after the incident, Steven Suptic joined SourceFed as a host for their main channel. He worked extensively on the channel until March 24th, 2017, when the channel folded up. Then, Steven became a podcast host upon the creation of a podcast called; Boys Only Club in April 2017 which he launched alongside his former colleague, Reina. The podcast content is similar to that of Super Pain Frenzy.

Currently, the YouTuber is focused on growing his channel and has been involved with multiple brandings. More so, Suptic Channel is now officially rebranded as Sugar Pine 7 as part of Let’s Play Family and Rooster Teeth. There, he continually produces alternative lifestyles vlogs and has branded his podcast as Beyond The Pine.

Sugar Pine 7

On April 18, 2017, the American production company and comedy troupe was founded by Steven Suptic, Clayton “Cib” James, and James DeAngelis. Steven and Clayton met back in 2012 and became friends while DeAngelis joined them when he started working in SourceFed. Once SourceFed packed up, the trio teamed up to launch their own channel.

One of the interesting videos found on the channel is Steven’s documented version of SourceFed’s downfall. More so, he oftentimes creates videos with James DeAngelis and Cib, his best friend. Together, they have managed to pull the channel to stardom with their unique creative video skits termed as an alternative lifestyle. Steven Suptic coined the name of his channel, Sugar Pine 7 from the cabin that the group stayed in during their visit to Idyllwild, often said to be the beginning of the channel as we know it today.

In 2018, the channel was purchased by Rooster Teeth and now run operations out of the Rooster Teeth LA Offices. The channel has grown massively and has recruited video editors and producers. For his outstanding works on Sugar Pine 7, Steven earned the Show of the Year award at the Streamys on September 26, 2017.

Steven Suptic Is Yet To Earn The Big Bucks

Most YouTubers earn a lot of money from their channels, however, their daily earnings may often differ. For a talented brain like Steven Suptic, who kicked off his YouTube career since 2012, he has been able to amass a net worth that falls within the range of half a million dollars.

Considering his versatility in the gold mine that is the internet, Suptic is expected to record more figures in his net worth soon. Besides, he still has his years in front of him and doesn’t look like he is quitting anytime soon.

All The Women Steven Suptic Has Dated

Alyssa Terrys engagement ring – image source

The YouTuber is not a married man, however, he has been in two known relationships. He is currently enjoying a serious relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Alyssa Terry. Though there are very scanty details of how the two became an item, they have done a lot of things together, including working on his Youtube channel.

Steven and Alyssa are currently engaged to be married.

Steven Suptic ex Natalie Casanova
Suptic’s ex-girlfriend Natalie Casanova image source

Before his relationship with Alyssa, Steven Suptic previously dated Natalie Casanova. However, the two didn’t date for a long while before breaking up without sharing the reason behind the breakup. In recent times, the YouTuber is greatly enjoying his relationship with Alyssa Terry. While they are yet to tie the knot, their relationship is getting stronger.

Since he has put a ring on it already, it is only a matter of time before Suptic becomes a married man.


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