5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Steven Wright – The Comedian

Rated as the 15th funniest comedian in history, Steven Wright doesn’t pull a crowd by performing like every other comedian. He has created a unique way of making his audience stay glued on their seats, dropping each joke slowly, in a deadpan manner, creating nonsensical jokes and is even an expert when he delves into alluring his audience in Paraprosdokians. Beyond his prowess as a comedian, he has proven his expertise as an actor, director, producer, musician but like always, he does all with every inch of uniqueness.

Here are 5 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Steven Wright – The Comedian

Aforementioned, Steven Wright is a bag of many talents, best described as one with a unique style and act what with his own distinctive kind of moves pulling his audience in awe. There are lesser known facts about this legendary comedian, but the paragraphs below entail 5 interesting facts you need to know about him.

1. Mini Bio

There was nothing really special about the birth of the comedian, he was born as normal as every other baby on December 6, 1995, in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was named Steven Alexander Wright. Moreso, he wasn’t born with a silver spoon but his parents, Lucille “Dolly” (née Lomano) and Alexander K. Wright gave him everything he needed as a child. His father, Alexander made ends meet working as an electronics technician for NASA but later became a truck driver. On his mom’s part, she was a stay-at-home mom.

Steven Wright is of a mixed ethnicity- his father is of  Scottish descent while his mom is an Italian American. Wright is not an only child, he has three other siblings who have chosen to stay under the radar but we know that they were all raised somewhere in Burlington. The comedian was a scholar at Middlesex Community college where he stayed briefly before transferring to Emerson College.

Upon Graduation from Emerson college, Steven Wright started out his career as a stand-up comedian. It was his outstanding performances on stage that attracted the attention of Peter Lassally who was the then producer for The Tonight Show. Steven was later invited to perform in the show, his first performance kept his audience glued to their seats. He repeated the show severally before later deciding to produce his own comedy album titled I Have A Pony (1985). The album got nominated for the year’s Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album. With that, his fame skyrocketed and he got a spot on the HBO special that year. Subsequently, he made a lot of progress in his career and is currently estimated to worth $800 thousand.

2. Religion

Every brow is raised about the comedian’s views on beliefs and religion. He has not openly said anything about his choice on religion but has on different platforms spoken on his dedication as a Roman Catholic faithful when he was way younger as he was raised as one. He once said that the reasons why he wouldn’t talk about sex and politics in most of his many comedy talks are based on the fact that the two oftentimes contradicts his beliefs.

Steven Wright
Steven Wright’s quote

3. Other Interests

Well, Steven Wright could also be described as an actor. He featured in the Short-Live-action film named, The Appointments of Dennis Jennings (1988). He wowed his audience on how he handled his role in the movie. For that film, he won an Oscar award in 1989. Records have it that he wrote the scripts of the movie alongside Micheal Armstrong. That is just one of his interests, the comedian is also said to be a good songwriter and a musician. A few of his many songs include; And Now Little Green Bags…(1992), Supersounds (1992) to mention a few.

Steve also took to writing but like always he does everything with an inch of uniqueness. He started a novel, a long time ago on a boy named Harold on his twitter handle but has not completed it till date. Most times, he just drops one or two sentences about him and cuts it off. It could take days, months, weeks or even a year for the next update on the novel.

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4. Relationship

Despite being aged, the comedian is not married and has never been linked to any lady as of the past. He often times jokes about his sexual orientation and has chosen to keep most of his personal affairs off the spotlight. Anytime he gets interviewed about his personal life, he often times turns a deaf ear to the question and like a comedian turns it into a joke.

4. Body Measurements

Steven Wright loves it bushy, his beards and hairs stream down his face giving him a weird look yet he has better looks when compared to other comedians. He doesn’t look his age and looks so fit in most of his dressings. He stands at 5 feet 11 inches. Details about his other body measurements haven’t been revealed just yet, however, we would do an update as soon as we lay hands on them.


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