Stevie J And Faith Evans: When And How Long Have They Been Married?

Stevie J and Faith Evans set the media agog with news of their secret wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada in July 2018. Many people raised eyebrows as to the longevity of their union, judging from Stevie J’s romantic history and his notoriety for gallivanting across relationships.

While it was no news that the famed producer and songwriter had been long-time friends with the legendary R&B goddess, the reason for the shock was their romantic involvement and why they were quick to head to the altar. One year on, the lovebirds, who co-parent six children, do not appear to be slowing down despite the ongoing doubts from many within and outside the music industry. One reason that shows they might be together for a long time coming is the fact that the player in Fath’s man seems to be gradually fading into oblivion as the responsible, devoted family man surfaces by the month.

Stevie J And Faith Evans: When And How Did It Start?

Long before their romantic involvement, Stevie J and Faith Evans were famous members of Bad Boy Records. Stevie worked as one of the label’s in-house producers and songwriters, producing and/or writing hit singles such as “Honey” by Mariah Carey and “Mo Money Mo Problems” by The Notorious B.I.G. For his immense work in the production of Diddy’s album, “No Way Out”, Stevie took home a Grammy Award in 1997. By the turn of the millennium, he worked with other A-list artists like Jay-Z, Eve, and Brian McKnight.

Faith Evans, on the other hand, joined Bad Boy Records as its first female artist. Her 1995 debut album rose to become certified platinum as she collaborated with several other artists, including 112, Carl Thomas, and Mase. She was briefly married to labelmate B.I.G before he was killed, leading her to feature on the Diddy single, “I’ll Be Missing You”. The tribute song to the rapper won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.

Throughout their time at Bad Boy Records, Stevie J and Faith Evans developed a close working relationship that morphed into a platonic relationship and later a full-blown romantic affair. They both worked on the song “I Just Can’t” for the soundtrack of the 1996 movie High School High. Stevie J also did a remix of Faith’s single “Soon As I Get Home” and worked with her towards the release of her 1998 album “Keep the Faith” which was eventually certified platinum.

In 2003, Faith Evans left Bad Boy Records and got signed to Capitol Records but by this time, their romance appeared to have been ignited and the two kept in touch despite having had to work away from each other.

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When And How Long Have They Been Married?

Stevie J and Faith Evans have been married since July 2018. While many are not comfortable with Stevie J’s decision to marry the widow of his former friend, Evans has clarified all doubts about the sanity and correctness of her decision. Stating that her former husband would be happy about her decision to marry not just one of his closest friends, but Steve J in particular. While alive, The Notorious B.I.G was not only a friend to Stevie J, but was also one of Biggie’s main collaborators, and they both maintained a close friendship until the time of the rapper’s death in 1997.

This wouldn’t be Stevie J’s first romantic journey. The producer has been in and out of several romantic relationships over the years. In 1995 alone, he had two children with two different women, Rhonda Henderson, who gave him a son (Dorian), and Felicia Stover, who gave birth to his first daughter (Sade). In the years that followed, Stevie J went on to have two more children with girlfriend Carol Antoinette Bennett; Steven Jr. (b. 1997) and Savannah (b. 1998). Into the 2000s, he was in a relationship with Mimi Faust who appeared alongside him in the reality TV show Love & Hip Hop. The two welcomed a daughter named Eva to the world before Stevie moved on to date Joseline Hernandez from the aforementioned show, welcoming his third daughter Bonnie with her in 2016.

Faith, on the other hand, has four children, one of who is her son with Biggie, C.J. Wallace. This puts the total number of children in the Faith and Stevie household at 10 although a good number of the kids are adults and out of the home.


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