A Lineup of Stevie Wonder’s Exes, How He Married Tomeeka Robyn Bracy and All About His Children

Stevie Wonder has been labelled as one of the most successful musicians of the 20th century and even in the 21st century, he remains a musical sensation. Being a household name, people have always wondered who Stevie Wonder’s family members are, especially the women who bore his nine children. The world is no stranger to the ups and downs of the musician’s love life and fans always want to get updates in that regard.

Stevie became blind shortly after birth on the 13th of May 1950. He was born prematurely (6 weeks premature) and as a result, suffered retinopathy of prematurity which made him permanently blind but this did not stop him from achieving great heights. Stevie Wonder has won 25 Grammy Awards and also earned a Presidential Medal of Freedom during the tenure of former US President Barack Obama. He has also won the hearts of many women and married three of them with a few others joining the slew of love interests in his dating timeline.

His First Attempt At Matrimony Was With Syreeta Wright

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The first of Stevie Wonder’s wives, Syreeta Wright and the crooner shared a lot in common. They got married in September 1970 but unfortunately headed for a divorce 18 months afterwards, in 1972. Coincidentally, she and Steve Wonder got married to two other people after their divorce. Their marriage also marked the first for both of them.

Syreeta Wright was a popular American singer and songwriter who was known for her music, especially R&B and soul in the 70s and 80s. She was also known for her collaboration with artists like her ex-husband Stevie Wonder, Jermaine Jackson, Billy Preston, Smokey Robinson, and Diana Ross.

Their marriage was short-lived and as of the time of their amicable divorce, they didn’t have any children. Wright moved on and married bassist Curtis Robertson Jr. in 1975 and they had two children, Jamal Robertson and Hodari Robertson. She had two more children – Harmoni and Takiyah Muhammad in her third marriage.

Sadly, Syreeta Wright passed away in 2004 as a result of congestive heart failure which occurred as a side effect of her treatment for breast and bone cancer. While they were still married, she introduced Stevie Wonder to the art of Transcendental Meditation and he has practised it ever since. This way of life also led him to embrace the vegan lifestyle.

It Took Stevie Wonder Decades To Find Enough Reason To Marry Again, This Time To Kai Millard

Kai Millard, a fashion designer and the music star got married in a private ceremony in 2001 after they had met each other at a night club in 1991, making her the second on Stevie Wonder’s list of wives. The marriage lasted for 11 years but they got separated in October 2009 and officially divorced in 2012. The union did not end without producing two sons for the couple.

Stevie Wonder’s second wife is an African-American fashion designer of Caucasian and Moroccan descent. She was born on the 13th of May 1957 and attended the Corcoran College of Art and Design located in Washington DC. Kai Millard is known for being an excellent fashion designer and is commonly referred to as The Fashion Maven.

Following her divorce from the renowned musician, she receives child support for their kids and was also paid a divorce settlement fee, however, the exact figure of the fee was not made public knowledge.

Stevie Wonder Is Now Enjoying Marital Bliss With Tomeeka Robyn Bracy

Stevie Wonder Wives
Stevie Wonder and Tomeeka Robyn

Tomeeka Robyn Bracy is the third and most recent wife of Stevie Wonder. Although the lovebirds got married in July 2017, it is reported that they had been seeing each other for a long time and in fact, had been living together since 2012. Their wedding ceremony was held in Los Angeles at the Hotel Bel-Air and was a star-studded ceremony with celebrities like Usher and John Legend in attendance. Reports from the wedding ceremony described it as a colourful one, especially as the couple released hundreds of butterflies into the air that day.

Before her relationship with Stevie Wonder, she worked as an educator at the Monroe School located in Washington. These days, she is mostly living the life of a celebrity wife with Stevie.

Stevie Wonder Has A Total Of Nine Children From Five Women

Stevie with his two sons from second marriage – image source

Though he was married three times, the music legend has fathered children with five different women. Also, some of his children are treading the same career path as him while others are going into other fields like sports.

Yolanda Simmons, a secretary in his publishing company, had his first child, Aisha Morris. Born on February 2, 1975, Aisha became a strong inspiration in her father’s career and that bond spawned the single Isn’t She Lovely? Aisha is now a singer in her own right and has toured with her father on several occasions. In 1977, Yolanda had Wonder’s second child, a son named Keita.

Another woman – Melody McCulley, gave birth to Mumtaz, Stevie Wonder’s second son born in 1983. A daughter, Sophia, and a son, Kwame, later joined his dynasty but the identity of their mother has not been made public.

His second marriage to Kai resulted in the birth of two children who are named Kailand Morris and Mandle Wonder. During the process of their divorce, she got sole custody of both children. Stevie Wonder, however, is required to pay child support to her to the sum of €16,000 every month. Kailand has often performed as a drummer alongside his father on stage.

So far, the relationship between Wonder and his third wife has resulted in the birth of two girls; the first was born in 2013 and the second (Nia) in 2014.

Tomeeka Robyn also has three children from her previous marriage. Together with Terry Lee, she had two girls and a son. Sadly, her son died in a home accident in 2005. Tomeeka (born 1975) is the same age as Stevie Wonder’s first child Aisha who was born to his then secretary. This age difference, however, does not seem to have created any rift between the couple.

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