A petition has been raised urging the South African government to stop the sale of dog, cat and snake meat in the country.

The petition was written prior to some group’s campaign opposing the idea. According to The Petition site reads:

The Petition To Stop Government Sell Of Dog Meat

“The South African government wants dog, cat and snake meat to be sold in shops and restaurants, claiming that, due to the drought, people will starve. There is no threat of starvation in this country and there are hundreds of sources of food, so the consumption of dog, cat and snake meat is completely unnecessary and a totally abhorrent concept. It would also open up millions of possibilities for abuse, as well as theft of people’s beloved pets, and many other horrendous acts. Please don’t let this vile practice become legal in our beautiful country. Please protect our precious pets. Please do the right thing. Vote against the sale and consumption of dog meat in South Africa”.


Due to the dry season situation across South Africa and other African countries, it was recently confirmed that there is shortage of meat everywhere in the country. And lots of farmers have lost their cattle due to lack of rain in the last couple of months.

South African government is said to be going for desperate measures and that is why a recent meeting was held by the Japanese minister of internal affairs, where the South African government was advised to consider selling dog, cat and snake meat in butcheries, otherwise the country will suffer starvation, recounting that countries like China, Japan, Canada, Australia, Ghana and Nigeria are already consuming pet meat.

According to Imzamsi, the meat is already being sold at selected stores and restaurant in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, kwa Zulu Natal and the Western Cape during the festive season and a lot people are purchasing it.

Although the selling of pet meat is yet to be approved, popular restaurants are under pressure from tourists to start serving it. And those who have tasted it already seem to be recommending the side dishes the meat should go with; pap, gravy, as stakes, chops….and suggesting different dishes to prepare the meat from.

While some are screaming ‘Murder’ the rest are waiting in mouth watering anticipation, which group will government listen to? We can only wait and see.

Source: Thepetitionsite