Halbert Triplets

Presbyterian missionaries Aaron and Rachel Halbert are the couple who are currently making waves for taking their evangelical mission to the next level.

The white Christian couple have strangely become the parents of an all black triplets. According to Aaron, this is the story behind the Halbert triplets:

The Halbert couple had difficulties having their own children though they were both confirmed medically fertile and fit to do so. They resorted to the idea of adopting a child.

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As they weighed their options, they also figured out that black children had lesser chances of being adopted, so they opted for that choice.


The Halbert couple went to an adoption agency and adopted one African-American boy and a bi-racial girl child. But the story did not end there. Having nearly closed the chapter of having their own biological babies, the couple came across the knowledge of the National Embryo Donation Center.

The National Embryo Centre afforded them the opportunity to adopt 2 more African American twin embryos. The embryos which were often destroyed or used for scientific researches were implanted in Rachel. As fate would have it, one of the embryos split into 2, making the Halbert triplets a possibility.

The couple settled for adoption of black children because they were convinced that if God wanted them to have white children, then they would definitely conceive naturally. Besides, the evangelical couple believe that adopting a child is part of being pro-life, which is what the Christian faith defends.

Halbert Triplets

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Before now, Rachel was not as racially liberal. Aaron says her turn around came with her Haiti experience. The Evangelical couple are not new to racial criticisms. It started with their initial adopted children.

“When we began the adoption process we knew race could play a major role in our family dynamics, which led us to ponder deeply what a racially diverse family would look like…  It’s not that we think race doesn’t exist, or that we don’t see it. In fact, it’s the opposite – we see it, and we embrace it.” 

Aaron Halbert says that with the racial status of his family he is understanding how beautiful life is without unnecessary discrimination.

“The beauty of a multi-ethnic family is found there, in the fact that the differences are the very thing that make ours richer and fuller. It forces you to think in a new way about the way you think, speak, act and live.”

“This is not the way we planned it 12 years ago when we were dating and talking about adoption, but oh, how thankful we are for God blessing us with these sweet little ones He has placed in our care.”

The story of the Halbert triplets have been trending on social media. Aaron first published the story on Washington Post. The story has attracted a wide range of commendations and criticisms.

While some believe that this was brilliant of the couple, some others feel this is boosting the IVF industry which ends up abandoning many embryos “on ice.” Another fraction says this is another way to subtly flaunt the white supremacy. So tell us… What do you think?