strong granddad

A 66 year old strong granddad has broken his 57th consecutive record by pulling a twelve tonne double decker bus with just his ponytail.

The strong granddad named Manjit Singh also smashed the previous record of 9.5 tonnes set by another man back in 2010 when he hauled the Arriva bus 15.5m (50ft) on Monday.

Manjit Singh had held the record the year before for pulling an 8.5 tonne coach in 2009 and it seems he has been training hard to quash his competitor and snatch back the record.

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Manjit Singh who is a dad of three also holds three other Guinness World Records which include, setting the furthest distance a single decker has been pulled by the ears. He had managed to drag a single-decker coach 6.1m (20ft) in Loughborough, Leicester, in 2008. He freely admits that as the hardest record to have achieved.

strong granddad

The strong granddad initially had four failed starts at Braunstone Leisure Centre car park in Leicester because his hair was “too shiny” after he washed it. Manjit who is from Highfields, leicester said;

“My hair is very shiny because I washed it this morning. It kept slipping three or four times, but we did it. He however finally managed the incredible feat, dragging the bus more than 15metres and took back the world record. His wife, two daughters, son and grandson were all there to support him as he smashed his latest record.

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At the end, the strong granddad thanked Arriva for lending him their bus and thanked Braunstone Leisure Centre for allowing him to do it on the premises. John Wright, the general manager of Arriva’s depot in Thurmaston, Leics, was behind the wheel of the bus while it was pulled and said: “It was a brilliant thing to see him do.”

His friend, Steve White, who has supported him in his strength feats since 1983, said “Manjit never, ever gives in. It is about physical prowess and mental concentration, calling him a great role model.