Study Shows That Colder Rooms Can Help You Fight Insomnia

Researchers have discovered that insomnia can be prevented by sleeping in colder rooms. Insomnia is a condition whereby one finds it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep without interruptions.

Adequate sleep is in itself a pre-requisite to a good health. A good sleep pattern effortlessly saves you from the awkward tendencies of depression, imbalance and irritation. Sleep helps you relax, refresh and regenerate energy for daily living and activities.

Insomnia is a health risk that can endanger one’s life. The good news is that it is preventable and even curable. Without paying a dime to a doctor you can get rid of your insomnia.

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Study has found that colder rooms can help you battle insomnia. The research discovered that one of the causes of insomnia is the body’s failure to drop to its core temperature. When the body drops in temperature, it naturally complies to the normal sleep cycle.

As the definition implies, the researchers who are from the University of South Australia identified the two kinds of insomnia – the Sleep Onset insomnia and the Sleep Maintenance insomnia.

The former occurs when naturally falling asleep is a problem; while the latter occurs when one finds it hard to stay asleep.

The researchers discovered that sufferers of both conditions have an irregular thermo-regulatory system. Their bodies tend to have higher core temperatures than those who sleep normally or well.

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Thus, colder rooms can help bring down the temperature.

Here are other ways aside colder rooms to prevent Insomnia:

  • Keep regular sleep hours
  • Ensure that your mattress is comfortable- Not too soft and not too strong
  • Reduce your caffeine intake
  • Exercise regularly
  • Make your sleeping space sleep-friendly by keeping it ordered, neat and ventilated.
  • Watch what you eat before bedtime
  • Do something that relaxes your mind and body- take a bath, meditate, read a novel or your bible.
  • Keep the devices away
  • Quit smoking
  • Reduce Alcohol