Subomi Owo-Odusi Invents Fuel Delivery Software

One man’s meat is another’s poison. There are times when supposed problems open doors to prospects that will not ordinarily come to the mind. In the midst of the extreme fuel scarcity in Nigeria, 23-year old  Subomi Owo-Odusi, came up with the invention of an application that will “deliver fuel to your doorstep”.

What can we say? Nigerians have the unique and effortless task of braving unusual oddities. They always have a way of surviving. Let’s just say that this young mind found a way to make the best out of a bad situation. Given the endless queues in filling stations, Subomi Owo-Odusi saw a gap in the social condition and set out to bridge it through his tech-knowledge and skills.

Subomi is a Lagos resident and a witness to the stress of living in the ever buzzing state. He had also worked in a fuel distribution company. With both experiences he found a way around reducing the long lines of people and cars waiting for fuel. The young tech-mind has invented the FueledUp App and is set to be launched by May.

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 “This will take away a lot of the pain, pressure and stress of people waiting for hours,”

According to CNN, when the App is downloaded, there is a “Get FueledUp” option. Here the clients see the fuel price per litre and then make their orders. They will also have to include their automobile information and indicate preferred time and location of delivery. After the transaction comes a receipt or message alerts to confirm a successful dealing.

Subomi Owo-Odusi’s major challenge will be beating the famous Lagos traffic. He assures potential clients that obtaining the fuel will not be a hindrance in any way. This implies that his supplies are coming from a reliable source. Subomi has taken to social media to advertise his services and publicizing his future App launch come May. He was equally set up a FueledUp website to that effect.

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