Who Is Sue Aikens of Life Below Zero, Her Husband and Ex-Husbands?

Sue Aikens is a television star who gained popularity following her role in a documentary Television show Life Below Zero aired on the National Geographical channel. Although her prominence came through the show, she, however, sued the producers of the show on grounds of violation of terms and conditions that are binding in the filming of the documentary. Get to know this amazing TV personality who has married thrice.

Who Is Sue Aikens of Life Below Zero?

There are quite a good number of entertainers that have become so famous but they keep their basic information so personal and away from the public domain. Sue Aikens, is no different from such celebrities as her background, and family information is under wraps.

She was born as Susan Aikens in a local settlement of Mount Prospect, Illinois, Chicago, on the 1st day of July 1963. Sue Aikens, however, grew up in the populated and adventurous area of Alaska, where she was raised as a toddler by her mother.

Susan’s love for the city knew no bounds because of her adventurous nature as she was encouraged by the beautiful city’s terrains marked with wildlife and its scenery. The living conditions which may have been somewhat challenging to an average person turned out in her favor in the long run. The little Sue Aiken was left at an early age by her mother to carter to her own needs. She got her college preparatory education from The Lowell Whiteman School now known as the Steamboat Mountain School, in Colorado, USA.

Susan Aikens’ Television career did not start from Life Below Zero, but in Sarah Palin’s Alaska (2010) before she featured in Flying Wild Alaska in 2013.

It was as a result of the remarkable roles she played in the previous works that earned her a role in the BBC’s documentary film, Life Below Zero alongside casts like Andy Bassich, Kate Bassich, Chip and Agnes Hailstone, Jessie Holmes, Eric and Martha Mae Salitan, Glenn Villeneuve, Jessie Holmes, and James Franzo.

The much talked about show centers on the day to day life of people striving to survive in the coldest temperature (below zero degrees) while encountering vicious animals that are resident in such regions such as the wolves, foxes as well as bears. The show which first aired in 2013 has spanned nine seasons already and still counting.

Although the show is still ongoing, the likelihood that Sue Aikens would continue as its cast is doubtful because of her lawsuit against the producers of the show. In her 2017 filed suit, she alleged that the producers forced her into what she considers unsafe and detrimental work conditions which in turn had adverse effects, ipso facto causing her stress emotionally.

Susan may have filed a legal suit against the producers of the show but she has tirelessly promoted the show itself via her social media handles which largely shows her love for the show despite the hassles that come with it.

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Her Husband and Ex-Husbands

Sue Aikens
Sue Aikens and One of her grandchildren Image Source

The private Sue Aikens in an interview confirmed that she does not generally go into details of her past as it is solely her business and not the publics’. Thus, details about her romantic life are quite scarce.

However, via her Twitter post made on March 1, 2017, Sue Aiken in a bid to chase away a male admirer, revealed she was thrice married and that two out of her three ex-husbands were dead.

Per the scoop, her first husband may have died from a brain tumor while her second marriage was to a British man named Eddie James on the 13th day of June 1987. Their marriage lasted for seventeen years and brought forth two children – a daughter and a son who are in their thirties as of 2019 and both married. Until their separation and Eddie’s death, he worked as a barber in Portland, Oregon before they divorced in 2004. He passed in 2009.

When she finally married for the third time, the marriage lasted for a short time as the man allegedly eloped with a younger lady. In her Twitter post made on October 2, 2016, she posted a photo of herself with her son whom she revealed wedded previous week. She is also a proud grandmother of adorable grandkids, with whom she loves to flaunt on social media.


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