Boko Haram Suicide Bombers Blow Up Nigerian Mosque

Two female suicide bombers have reportedly attacked a mosque in Maiduguri– the home of the Boko Haram insurgents. The army says that twenty-two worshippers at the mosque were killed, leaving  about eighteen dead.

The first blew herself inside the mosque while the other blew up outside the mosque.

Two female suicide bombers have attacked a mosque in the north-eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, killing 22 worshippers, the army says.

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A worshipper who had escaped the bomb blast as a result of being late to the mosque told the Associatd Press that, “we were just a few meters away from the mosque when a loud bang erupted and all we could see was dark smoke and bodies littered around.”

Boko haram has been known to use female suicide bombers to carry out its attacks. The Islamic sect which swore allegiance to ISIS also became deadlier than ISIS in 2014, having killed more than the latter. Some weeks ago it was reported that some Boko Haram members who were starving  surrendered to the Nigerian Army.

It is quite difficult to determine if the insurgents are technically defeated like the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari insists. He stated that they could no longer carry out mass attacks.

Also the Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture, Minister Lai Mohammed also stated that the insurgents have been defeated regardless of the minor scale attacks that are still being carried out.

“Scattered, demoralized and hungry, they have resorted to terror tactics available to a degraded and defeated insurgent group. The fact that they operate in a few local governments does not equate to holding and controlling territories. We must make that distinction,” he said.

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