The Rigors of Sunlen Serfaty’s Career Journey Until CNN and Fun Facts About Her Personal Life

CNN correspondent, Sunlen Serfaty is an Emmy Award-winning journalist known for covering a broad range of breaking news stories, national news, and Washington politics. She has been able to garner widespread recognition for herself which even goes beyond the sphere of her work. Her profile also increased with the extensive work she did in covering the 2008 United States presidential elections.

Currently, she is one of the great minds in the broadcasting sphere as her work experiences have given her the privilege to meet numerous celebrities and she is quite notable for her high-profile assignments. However, Sunlen did not just get to become a reputable reporter overnight, she actually worked very hard to get to the peak of her career.

Sunlen Serfaty’s Reporting Career Progressed From The Washington Post To ABC Network

Upon the completion of her education at the Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University with a B.A in International Affairs, Sunlen Serfaty took a job with The Washington Post. She served in the position of Associate Producer for the popular newspaper between 2003 and 2004. It’s reported that she left the firm when she got an offer from the ABC associate, WLJA, where she honed her skills reporting mainly during the weekends.

Sunlen, later on, joined the ABC network as an official reporter, covering Congress news with her focus being the United States Senate. She was also a regular contributor for the ABC NewsNow, as well as made appearances on Within a couple of years, Sunlen Serfaty’s hard work was noticed by the media house which made her part of ABC’s crew of reporters in 2008, billed to report developing stories at the White House.

Her new appointment which came just as President Barack Obama was entering the White House enabled Sunlen to further make a mark at the network. Sunlen Serfaty covered Barrack Obama’s initial presidential run in 2008 until the inauguration ceremony. The journalist also went with Obama to various states in the U.S to cover his administration’s progress, as well as published a piece about the former first lady, Michell Obama’s speech. For her hard work and resilience, the reporter was honoured with an Emmy Award and currently ranks among the cadre of notable broadcasters both nationally and around the globe.

While still with the ABC network, Sunlen appeared on the night news broadcast World News Now With Charles Gibson. She also served on a variety of platforms, including This Week with George Stephanopoulos and Politics Live.

Her Career Perked Up At CNN

With her specific experience in reporting for political campaigns and the White House, it was no surprise that CNN came for her and as expected, Sunlen Serfaty was delighted to say yes. She kick-started her career at the network’s station affiliate, CNN Newsource where she served as an anchor during news hours. After her work at the affiliate station, Sunlen was moved to join the networks general affairs section located in Washington, D.C. in the capacity of a congressional reporter.

Over the years, she became known at the network for her outstanding news coverage which includes the 2016 run for the oval office. In 2018, Sunlen Serfaty also made a name for herself as the first reporter to announce that Ohio politician, Jim Jordan, intended to run for the presidency in 2019 when Paul Ryan’s tenure ended in the House of Representatives.

How Rich Is The CNN Correspondent?

For someone who has enjoyed a thriving career in reporting, Sunlen Serfarty has made quite a decent sum for herself over the years. However, details of her earning have not been released to the public by the journalist but it is estimated that she takes home annually the sum of $126,000 while her net worth as of 2020 is pegged at $2 million.

Sunlen Is Married To Her Longtime Beau, Alexis Serfarty

Sunlen Serfaty dated her husband for quite a long time before she married him at Rose Park, Washington on the 3rd of August 2013. Her husband, Alexis Serfaty, is a policy adviser in Washington for the Department of Transportation. The two had been introduced by a mutual friend and they hit it off and began communicating regularly, which led to a date at Firefly in Dupont.

Sunlen Serfaty
Sunlen and Alexis Serfaty

The date was evidently successful as they went on a second and then a third and were soon inseparable, finally taking the plunge into marriage. After a couple of years of enjoying a blissful marriage, their union was blessed with a daughter in 2017 whom they named Roosevelt Jolie Serfaty. Their daughter’s name Roosevelt has some significance to their relationship as it stands for ‘rose eld’ and they reportedly shared a lot of sweet memories in Rose Park, Washington D.C.

Did You Know That Both Sunlen & Alexis Were Raised By Working-class Parents?

The reputable correspondent was born with the full name of Sunlen Mari Miller in 1981 and she is of Caucasian ethnicity. It is also known that she was exposed to a hardworking lifestyle by her parents. Her father who was a legal practitioner worked as a mediator and arbitrator during his career days. Sunlen’s mother, on the other hand, had to juggle taking care of the home and a job as a marketing communications manager for Alstom, a service unit of a French transport and power equipment company.

With respect to the reporter’s husband, his parents have also served in different roles during their younger years. Alexis’ father Simon H. Serfaty is notable for being a scholar and he is a senior professor of United States Foreign Policy, working with the Old Dominion University located in Norfolk. He is also serving in Global Security and Geopolitics at the Center for Strategic and International Studies located in Washington.

Sunlen’s mother-in-law Gail F. Serfaty has also been quite a hard-working woman who had an extensive career at the State Department in Washington. She had worked there as the Director of Operations who manned the affairs of diplomatic reception rooms. More so, Gail Serfaty was in charge of overseeing things at the President’s guest house known as the Blair House.


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