Perhaps this is one of those world’s untold stories. It still beats the imagination to believe that Sunnel Thuesem, a 26-year old cycling enthusiast rode all the way from Denmark to Nigeria.

While the buzz is all over the media, no report has given basic details for the trip. No one has facts as to how many days, weeks or months the journey has taken? At least it is essential that the people care to know when he set out on the journey.

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The much there is is that he made it to Lagos, then Benin and then to Calabar where he was glorified and welcomed by the State government for his tenacity to take up such a challenge.

Sunnel Thuesem1

Photos of his reception in Cross river state by Goodluck Jonathan’s son in-law, Godswill Edwards, Special Adviser on Youth Affairs to the governor Ben Ayade, Mr. Effiwatt, S.A Sports and Mr. Eric Anderson, S.A Tourism, are all over the internet.

Godswill Edwards commended Sunnel Thuesem; using him as a point of motivation for Nigerian youths.


Sunnel Thuesem says he is still on a mission to ride from Nigeria to Cameroon and South Africa.

Given the benefit of the doubt, very many things we thought were never possible to attain have become a reality. On the wake of Buhari’s victory after the 2015 general elections, Nigerians took up the unsolicited inter-state trekking exercise.

Just like the claims of Sunnel Thuesem, all these supposed feats have not been emphatically verified.

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A majority of Nigerians have discredited the fact that anyone could ride on a bicycle from Denmark to Nigeria. Some with the knowledge of geography have questioned how he made it across the Mediterranean sea which separates Africa from Europe; and of course the Sahara dessert.

Others have clowned over the news saying this might just mean yet another no-visa trip to and fro Denmark. In all there still doubts hovering over the claims.

Feel free to let us know what your take is on this.