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When there is a significant age difference between a couple, it is usually a cause for small talk. However when the said couple is two celebrities, then it becomes a subject of intense media scrutiny. Sunny Ozell is one person who has found herself under this type of scrutiny. Ozell is an accomplished classical musician. She is also the better half of legendary British actor, Sir Patrick Stewart, who is 39 years older than her. Find out more about Sunny Ozell here including her family.

Sunny Ozell Bio (Age)

Sunny Ozell was born on the 23rd of December 1978. She grew up in the town of Reno, Nevada. Ozell has not revealed details about her parents’ names or any potential siblings. However, there is no doubt that her parents played a great role in making her what she is today. They recognised her musical talent at a young age and even though they were not professional musicians, they did all they could to encourage and hone their daughter’s talents. They enrolled her in instrument lessons (violin) when she was four and by her teenage years, she moved on to voice training and opera. All these trainings paid off as Ozell was picked as a member of Reno Opera Company.

After completing her high school education, Sunny Ozell proceeded to the city of Boulder (Colorado) for college. While in college, she studied English Literature. She also kept her passion for music alive by joining various blues, jazz, and Latin pop bands. After college, Sunny Ozell moved to New York in order to build her career. She got a head start by performing in various New York clubs such as Rockwood and The Living Room. She has since established herself as a prominent member of the New York’s musical community. Sunny Ozell also has an album to her name. The 11-track album titled Take it With Me was released in 2015. The album features her giving a soulful interpretation of songs by other artists including Hank Williams, Howard Jones.


Sunny Ozell
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Sunny Ozell is married to accomplished stage and screen actor, Sir Patrick Stewart. Sunny Ozell and her beau first met in a New York restaurant in 2008. Ozell was working as a waitress/singer while Stewart was in New York to lead a stage production of Macbeth. It was a case of instant attraction for Stewart who spent some time chatting with Ozell. He later invited her to see his play and they subsequently went on a dinner date.

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The couple dated for five years before getting engaged in March 2013. Their nuptials took place in September 2013 at Lake Tahoe, Nevada and it was the first time that Ozell was getting hitched. Stewart, on the other hand, has been married on two previous occasions. His first marriage was to a lady named Sheila Falconer. They were married for 24 years and split in 1990. His second marriage was to Hollywood producer, Wendy Neuss, in 2010. The union lasted for three years.

In a career spanning 6 decades, Stewart has enjoyed considerable success on the stage appearing in classical Shakespearean plays such as Hamlet and Macbeth. He has also featured in several blockbuster film franchises including Star Trek: The Next Generation (where he plays Captain Jean-Luc Picard) and The X-Men Series (where he plays Professor Charles Xavier – the leader and mentor of the superhero team). The famously-bald Stewart has received several awards in the course of his career including a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

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Other Facts About Sunny Ozell

• Her husband was made a knight by The Queen in 2009. This, therefore, means that Ozell is Lady Stewart.

• The couple does not have any kids together and Ozell has revealed that even though she loves children, she never wanted to have any of her own.

• Sunny Ozell has two stepchildren courtesy of her husband’s first marriage. Their names are Daniel and Sophia and both of them are older than her. She was initially worried about the type of relationship she would have with them but everything turned out okay.

• After she started dating her movie star husband, Ozell continued her waitressing job for the next five years. This is because she is an independent person and wanted to provide for herself.

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• Their wedding was officiated by legendary actor, as well as Stewart’s good friend, Sir Ian McKellen. In order to be eligible for the role, McKellen had to register as a minister of a church.

• Her husband is five years older than her dad. As a result of this, her dad was initially skeptical of their relationship but has since come around.

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