Sunrise Coigney – Biography, Family, Facts About Mark Ruffalo’s Wife

Sunrise Coigney is one of the actresses in Hollywood that has maintained a very secret life. Interestingly, she is not only famed for being efficient on screens but also for being the wife of the celebrated film director, producer and social activist, Mark Ruffalo.

Even though her stay on the screen was only but for a short while, she made a remarkable impact in the heart of her fans to keep them wanting more. To satisfy your probing questions, we have gathered everything you need to know about her in this article. Kindly read on…

Sunrise Coigney’s Biography

The reserved lady, Sunrise Coigney came to be on the 17th day in the month of September 1972 in San Francisco. She was given the first name Christina and is the only known child of the Coigneys’. Sunrise has only mentioned her father, Joel Coigney on few occasions but is yet to say anything as regarding her mother.

Despite the fact that there are no available details as regarding the actress’ educational pursuits, Sunrise Coigney, from her utterances, is quite eloquent in her speeches and as such we can only assume that she is quite educated.


Sunrise Coigney is not one of the well-known actresses as she has played just a few roles, especially in the small screen. The actress first appeared in the TV series, 100 Center Street playing as Monica Robinson. As a result of her performance in the television series, she landed a role in Campfire stories playing as Michelle.

Then, the movie, In the Cut released in 2003, gave her the opportunity to play alongside her husband, Mark Ruffalo in a movie role. Subsequently, Sunrise Coigney was featured briefly in two episodes of the television series, Line of Fire which became the last of her on screens. She gave up on her acting career to focus on her new job as a mom while also running a jewelry store.


Sunrise Coigney found love with Mark Ruffalo, an actor, filmmaker, and social activist. There are no precise details about how they met, however, there are claims that Sunrise and Mark first met on the streets. No one knows exactly for how long they dated, but they both became man and wife in the year 2000. They have been married for over a decade and counting and has lived with no iota of divorce or controversy.

Sunrise Coigney
Sunrise Coigney and Family

Furthermore, the actor in an open interview gave slight clues that they both met while they were way younger. According to him, his wife made him a better actor. In his words, he compared his beginnings with that of Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage who made it quick to stardom while he was struggling to get a role.


Sunrise Coigney has three children with Mark Ruffalo. Their first child, Keen was born in the year 2001. Four years after their first child was born, Belle Noche joined the family. The couple couldn’t contend their joy and flooded their timelines with their child’s pictures. Two years later, their last child; Odette came along.

Facts About Sunrise Coigney – Mark Ruffalo’s Wife

Marital Setback

While her family grew in love and peace, Sunrise Coigney and Mark Ruffalo faced one of the greatest crises since their union. They lost Mark’s brother, Scott to the cold hands of death. He was suspected to be murdered by two people, Shaha Mishall Adham, and her boyfriend. After much investigations, the two suspects were discharged by the police barely a week after their arrest. As fate would have it, in the subsequent years, Shaha was found dead in her home from overdosed drugs.

Currently, Sunrise and actor Mark Ruffalo who once lived in Los Angeles moved to New York City as a result of the incident.

Sunrise Coigney’s Net Worth

Being a former actress and currently a store owner, Sunrise Coigney is blessed with a reasonable amount of wealth. This is quite conclusive despite that she is yet to reveal the details of her financial value. On the other hand, her husband has acquired the whopping sum of $20 million from his acting career. Also, the couple both run a farm in New York.

Body Measurements

The statuesque, queenly and elegant blond, Sunrise Coigney is quite a tall woman. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches and carries a balanced weight of 60kg.

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Despite being a mother of three, she has maintained her body shape and is quite curvy. Unfortunately, as of the now, we are still incapable of gathering the details of her other body measurements as there is no information on that at the moment.


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