Suri Cruise – Inside The Life of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Daughter

The once upon a time a little child was born to a celebrity couple (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) her name is Suri Cruise. Since her birth, she embraced popularity and has been at the forefront of international media. Since the day Suri Cruise was born, she has been on covers of news releases and magazines just like her famous parents.

Suri Cruise was in October of 2006, featured in the US Edition of Vanity Fair magazine alongside her parents, making her one of the luckiest kids to attain such height at the age of one. The lovely girl who is now turning into a promising young lady continued to gain media attention. Discover more about the daughter of the American actors below.

How Old Is Suri Cruise?

How old is she really? Well, Suri Cruise was birthed on the 18th day of April 2006, in Santa Monica, California, in the US. Reports have it that the little girl was brought forth at St. John’s Health Centre in Santa Monica at about 3:26 am PST, at the point of her birth, she was 20 inches and weighed 7 lbs. It will not be out of place to state that she was born with a silver spoon, having been born by famous parents who are one of the industry’s millionaires.

The beautiful Suri is living a normal life; she was a former pupil of a privately owned elementary school, The New Village Academy way back in 2009 then she proceeded to one of the best schools in Los Angeles called Avenues: The World School. After her mother moved residence, she enrolled Suri Cruise in Catholic girls’ school. The camera flashes never cease to trail the lovely young lady everywhere she goes.

About Her Parents Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes 

Suri Cruise is the biological child of the American decorated actor and filmmaker, Tom Cruise and actress, Katie Holmes. The duo gave birth to the adorable child in April of 2006 months before they legalized their union on November 18, the same year their daughter was born.

Despite all the love they both shared, it was not enough to sustain their marriage beyond five and a half years before Katie Holmes filed for divorce on June 29, 2012.

The couple signed their divorce documents on July 9, 2012, after which they went their separate ways. The custody of Suri Cruise was granted to her mother – Katie Holmes. There has been a strong rumour that Tom has not been able to see his adorable daughter for a couple of years, perhaps this is due to his Scientology religious belief. The church considers anyone who leaves the church of Scientology as a none entity that should not be related with – Katie after her divorce from Tom, left the church.

Tom Cruise was Katie’s first husband, while she was his third wife. He was twice married and twice divorced. Tom is known for his penchant for dating older women. He reportedly dated the likes of Rebecca De Mornay, Patti Scialfa, and Cher, who were all older than him before he settled down in marriage.

His first official marriage was with an actress named Mimi Rogers on May 9, 1987, they divorced on February 4, 1990. His second marriage was with another actress named Nicole Kidman on December 24, 1990, but Tom Cruise filed for divorce in February of 2001 from her after she left the Church of Scientology.

It is on record that Tom Cruise, together with his second wife Nicole Kidman adopted two children (Isabella Jane) and Connor Antony born in 1992 and 1995 respectively. In all, Tom has three children (two adopted and one biological).

Where Is Suri Cruise?

Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise with Her mother Katie Holmes image source

One undeniable fact is that Suri has everything that many kids can only wish for; but then, her parents’ divorce may have affected her a bit especially when it comes to the love and attention she should have gotten from her father.

Since her parents divorced in July of 2012, the custody of the adorable Suri was granted to her mother whom she has been staying with since then. They reportedly live together in Los Angeles, California.

Suri Cruise is often spotted along with her celebrated mother Katie attending broadway shows and travelling to exotic places around the world. One of their travels, sometime in 2019 was to Paris (France) and to a refugee camp in faraway Greece.

Sources close to Suri Cruise revealed that the princess loves pop music, fashion, and likes to hang out with her friends. She is also said to be so sweet, well-mannered, extremely polite, and respectful.

Though Suri is invisible on social media, there are lots of parody accounts operated in her name including two on Instagram.

As surprising as it may sound, the teen celebrity is said to be worth over $570,000 derived from her parents’ success. Her father is said to be worth $50 million while her mother’s net worth is pegged at $25 million.

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