The Other Side Of Rejection That Is Good For You

Rejection Benefits– “No” is one response we do not want to hear especially at desperate times.

You give that essay competition your all and still it doesn’t get picked; You dreamed you’ll nail that presentation, interview or audition but the door was slammed on your face. That’s life. It’s called rejection; happens more often than we even know it.

Anytime your point of view or values is not accepted, that’s rejection. But depending on the magnitude and context of the experience, the hurt varies from the ignorable minimal to the most intense and heart wrenching hurt.

As tough as that feeling is, rejection is not there to break you and leave all shattered. It breaks you to re-build you.

-rejection could mean so many things, not suitable for a particular purpose
not good enough for just one task/experience not everything

Did you ever look at it from the other side to see that not being accepted is a door to so many advantages.

Let’s take a look at some rejection benefits you may not know.

1. Rejection Teaches You Life

Rejection Benefits

Rejection makes you understand life is not always a smooth happy ride. It gets bumpy from time to time and the earlier you get used to the idea the better and less devastated you will be.

It makes us ready to face life when it says NO or harshly suggests you WAIT.

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2. Brings You Face To Face With The Truth

Rejection Benefits

You are not going to get it right all the time. That’s the fact, embrace it, deal it and move on. Perhaps what you are pushing so hard for is not your strong suit.

One significant rejection benefit is that you get to re-evaluate yourself and amend your mistakes.

Rejection presents you with the golden moment of admitting the truth about your strong and weak points.

3. No One Is Perfect

Knowing this, makes you take it easy with yourself. It makes future cases of failure easy to deal with. At least you are trying out something and not sitting around waiting for some miracle to drop on your lap.

Rejection is not suppose to pull you down. What takes you even lower is your attitude and disposition to the experience that makes you feel rejected.

4. Rejection Makes You Open To More Options

Rejection Benefits

So you’ve been rejected many times and you feel there’s no other way to go? Take the break and start searching somewhere else. Rejection might be the wake up call you need to explore a hidden skill you never thought you had. There’s no one route to success. You want proof? Ask Tyler Perry.

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5. It affords You The Time To Grow And Be Better

Rejection Benefits

It builds endurance, strength and resilience inside of you, as long as you don’t give and quit trying. Iron sharpens iron, swimming upstream is not easy but it sure has its perks

6. A Proof Of Diversity

Rejection is one proof that no 2 persons are ever alike, be them twins.

Whenever there are discordant values, rejection happens; and that’s not always a bad thing. How you choose to work around it though is to your discretion but it means you are unique and own your style and principle.

Rejection could mean so many things to so many people but it is worth it that we know that a failure in something does not characterize your entire life. It simply means that for some reason, what you have at a given time was not befitting to what was needed in a particular situation.

This means that you could actually score greater points where the circumstances different.

7. Rejection Motivates You

If it does not kill you, it makes you stronger. There’s always room for improvement.