Susan Hennessey
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An attorney with special interests in national security and cybersecurity, Susan Hennessey is no stranger to the mainstream media. However, the Harvard Law School graduate found more fame on social media with the Lawfare blog. Find out lesser-known facts about the experienced legal-political analyst and blogger.


There is little or no information readily available about Susan Hennessey’s family background, childhood and elementary education. But it is no secret that the American attorney was born to Christopher Klein and Mary Grad on August 29, 1985, and was originally known as Susan Klein. She is one of her parent’s three daughters. Her siblings are Molly Cutler & Helen Klein. Susan Hennessey’s academic records show she first bagged a degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), before proceeding to Harvard Law School where she was awarded her Juris Doctor (JD).


It is uncertain if Susan Hennessey did any jobs in other fields before fully practicing her chosen career. As per official records, Hennessey first landed a job as a legal adviser at the General Counsel of the National Security Agency right after school. The scope of her job at the NSA included but was not limited to counseling the office with matters relating to operational elements of Information Assurance and Cybersecurity. More so, she represented cybersecurity laws and its associated executive actions.

Thereafter, Susan moved on to the Lawfare blog, tackling a variety of national security concerns including federal terrorism prosecutions, cybersecurity, and surveillance, among other issues. She is the executive and managing editor of the Lawfare blog and General Counsel of the Lawfare Institute.

Susan Hennessey
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Susan Hennessey is currently a Senior Fellow in National Security in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution. A seasoned legal-political analyst, Hennessey once served as the national security and legal analyst for CNN. She has also been featured in several news segments and talk shows sharing her candid views and ideologies across different political climes.

Net Worth

Susan Hennessey’s numerous endeavors in the legal profession have undoubtedly brought financial rewards. While her exact salary figure and net worth are unknown, she is believed to have amassed a sizeable financial portfolio and can afford a comfortable lifestyle.

Susan Hennessey – Husband If Married

Susan Hennessey is happily married to her professor beau Brendan Hennessey. There is a dearth of information about the couples love journey, thus it is uncertain how, where, and when they met. However, they are presumed to have dated for a while before making their relationship official. Susan and Brendan exchanged marital vows on June 20, 2009, in a beautiful ceremony attended by friends and family at Point Reyes Station in California. For reasons best known to them, Susan and Brendan prefer to keep details of their relationship under wraps. Despite being married for nearly a decade, it is uncertain if their union has produced any kids yet or if they have plans to make any in the near future. Regardless, the lovebirds have apparently found true love in each other’s arms and share an inseparable bond which fans hope will last forever.

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Susan and Brendan’s relationship is yet another proof that like minds attract. Just like his wife, Brendan is an intelligent and well-educated American. Susan Hennessey’s beau is a professor of Romance Languages and Literature at Binghamton University, New York. He bagged his first degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and later a master’s degree in Romance languages from the University of Notre Dame. Dissatisfied with his accomplishments, Brendan proceeded to top up his profile with a doctorate degree in Italian philosophy from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Other Facts About Susan Hennessey

  • Wedding Party

Interestingly, Susan and Brendan’s wedding ceremony was presided over by popular journalist and sports enthusiast James Richardson. Brendan’s brother Christopher served as their best man, while his nieces Isabella and Madeleine were the flower girls in the couple’s wedding party. The Hennesseys thereafter consummated their union with a honeymoon treat in Phuket, Thailand.

  • Social Media

Having covered several national issues including Trump’s executive order on refugees and travel ban, as well as FBI director James Comey’s dismissal and many more, the Lawfare blog gained significant audience and popularity in President Trump’s administration.

Besides the blog, Susan Hennessey is very active on the internet. While she may not be present on all popular social networking sites, our investigations reveal the attorney has amassed a huge fanbase on Twitter where she shares her candid views on a range of issues including politics and family values.

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