How Susan Hennessey Rose To Fame On the LawFare Blog and Facts About Her Personal Life

An attorney with special interests in national security and cybersecurity, Susan Hennessey is no stranger to the mainstream media. However, the Harvard Law School graduate found more fame on social media with the Lawfare blog where she is constantly uncovering the ills of the present Donald Trump’s administration.

Susan has also done exploits in other fields like serving with the National Security Agency. She has made several appearances on TV through some of the mainstream media like CNN, however, the experienced legal-political analyst and blogger is quite popular on social media, especially Twitter where she has gained a massive following. The famed attorney is equally an author with one book under her belt.

Susan Hennessey Had A Head Start In Her Career

Susan Hennessey’s academic records show that she joined the University of California in Los Angeles after high school, graduating with a degree in Italian. The UCLA alum then proceeded to Harvard Law School to earn her Juris Doctor. Sussan did not let the grass grow under her feet as she started to pursue her career immediately after her JD.

It is uncertain if she did any jobs in other fields before fully practising her chosen career. As per official records, Hennessey first landed a job as a legal adviser at the National Security Agency right after school. She had her office at the agency’s General Counsel where the scope of her job included but was not limited to counselling the office with matters relating to operational elements of Information Assurance and Cybersecurity. More so, she represented various cybersecurity laws and its associated executive actions.

Her stay at the NSA was quite eventful as Susan made notable valuable imputes. She made a move to into Brookings Institution where the American native began working as a Fellow with National Security and Governance Studies. It was thanks to all these activities that Susan Hennessey eventually landed her current position at the “Lawfare” blog.

Her Work At Lawfare Blog Which Include National Security Concerns Brought Her To The Limelight

Susan Hennessey
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Thereafter, Susan moved on to the Lawfare blog. Her job at the blog site involves tackling a variety of national security concerns, including federal terrorism prosecutions, cybersecurity, and surveillance, among other issues. She currently works as the executive and managing editor of the Lawfare blog, as well as the General Counsel of the Lawfare Institute.

Having covered several national issues, including Trump’s executive order on refugees and travel ban, as well as FBI director James Comey’s dismissal and many more, the Lawfare blog gained significant audience and popularity in President Trump’s administration which has reflected on members of its staff including Susan. The American lawyer began to gain popularity as the reading public started associating her with the blog site and today, people always look forward to reading her latest updates on both the site and her personal Twitter handle.

Besides the blog, Susan Hennessey is very active on the internet. While she may not be present on all popular social networking sites, our investigations reveal that the attorney has amassed a huge fanbase on Twitter, The American native’s Twitter handle is like an off-shoot of the work she does on the Lawfare blog. There, Susan takes the same stance as her blog, remaining highly critical of the current US political administration under President Donald Trump, doing her utmost best to expose important information that it has been trying very hard to suppress. Susan raised eyebrows when she urged Americans to ensure that Trump is ousted come November. She also shares her daily thoughts and candid views on a range of issues, including political and national issues in America. The UCLA alum has equally shared her views on family values.

The Lawfare Blog Attorney Also Serves In Other Capacities

Going by the records and from what is perceivable, it is clear that the Lawfare Blog Attorney is doing a great job for the American populace, even though she may not be as popular with the current government who is always the subject of her criticisms. However, the records have shown that her most recent work is not limited to the internet.

Susan Hennessey is still serving at the Brookings Institution in her capacity as a Senior Fellow. A seasoned legal-political analyst, Hennessey has also appeared on television; she once served as the national security and legal analyst for CNN. The lawyer has also been featured in several news segments and talk shows, sharing her candid views and ideologies across different political climes. Susan is also known to frequent events as a speaker, sharing many of her videos online via websites like YouTube which features videos of the attorney speaking and expressing her opinions on various burning issues.

She is with the Aspen Cybersecurity Group as a member. Susan joined the Georgetown University’s Science, Technology and International Affairs, where she still works as an adjunct professor teaching Cybersecurity Conflict and Policy.

Susan Hennessey’s Book And Its Reception

On the 21st of January 2020, Susan released a book titled Unmaking the Presidency: Donald Trump’s War on the World’s Most Powerful Office which she co-authored with one of the founders of Lawfare Blog Benjamin Wittes.

The book has elicited comments from American nationals like Tabatha Southey, Maclean’s who referred to it as possibly being the most important publication to have been written about Trump’s tenure. Lawrence Douglas of The Times Literary Supplement said it may possibly end up as the most penetrating book to be written about President Donald Trump in office.

Susan Hennessey Is A Happily Married Woman

Susan Hennessey
Susan and her husband Brendan Hennessey image source

Susan Hennessey is happily married to her professor beau Brendan Hennessey. There is a dearth of information about the couple’s love journey, thus it is uncertain how, where, and when they met. However, they are presumed to have dated for a while before making their relationship official.

Susan and Brendan exchanged marital vows on June 20, 2009, in a beautiful ceremony attended by friends and family at Point Reyes Station in California. Interestingly, Susan and Brendan’s wedding ceremony was presided over by popular journalist and sports enthusiast James Richardson. Brendan’s brother Christopher served as their best man, while his nieces Isabella and Madeleine were the flower girls. The Hennesseys thereafter celebrated their union with a honeymoon treat in Phuket, Thailand.

The duo has two beautiful daughters, though their birth details are not known. Susan is not averse to discussing her family life in public, making references to her husband during public speeches and showering him with praises for his work and role as a husband and father.

Meet Susan Hennessey’s Husband Brendan Hennessey

Susan and Brendan’s relationship is yet another proof that like minds attract as the duo have so many things in common. Just like his wife, Brendan is an intelligent and well-educated American. Susan Hennessey’s beau is a professor of Romance Languages and Literature at Binghamton University, New York.

He bagged his first degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and later added a Master’s degree in Romance Languages from the University of Notre Dame. His quest for further academic qualifications led Brendan to proceed to top up his profile with a Doctorate degree in Italian Philosophy from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

A Look At Susan’s Family Background

It is no secret that the American attorney was born to Christopher Klein and Mary Grad on the 29th of August 1985. The famous lawyer was born with the given name Susan Klein which she later changed to Susan Hennessey after her wedding. She is not the only child of her parents and grew up alongside two sisters Molly Cutler & Helen Klein.

The famed attorney is always making references to her parents who were tremendously supportive of her career and helped in making her the woman she is today. According to Susan, she was able to secure her first job, thanks to her dad who has always been a professional inspiration. She also talks about her mum who gave up her career as a law professor to raise her girls.

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