Susan Mikula – Bio, Personal Life, Facts About Rachel Maddow’s Partner

Susan Mikula is an accomplished photographer, author, and artist whose works has been described as unique and vintage, despite the fact that she uses very unconventional means to produce her photos. Susan draws inspiration from other artists including Joan Mitchell, Gerhard Ritcher, Agnes Martin and a host of others. Read one to learn about this talented visual artist.

Susan Mikula’s Biography

Susan Mikula was given birth to in New Jersey in 1958. She has a sister, who grew up to be a photographer just like Mikula, but she specialized in medical photography. Susan was reported to have been raised by her mother, with details of her father not readily available to the public.

When Mikula was just a few years old, her family relocated to and settled down in New Hampshire in the United States. She spent most of her early life there, where she was believed to have taught herself photography right from a very early age. Susan had her college education at the Hampshire College, Amherst in Massachusetts, and that is about all that we know about her educational pursuits.

Susan Mikula began pursuing photography as a passion and profession shortly after her education and she practiced and perfected her art for several years before she began to attain perfection at the craft. As she became so good at her productions, she began to attract recognition and the respect of fellow artists and critics in the industry and she was appointed as part of the jury at art shows.

In 1988, Susan organized her first ever individual art exhibition and it was a resounding success. She has gone on to organize several other exhibitions over the years, and they have all been very successful, even the United States government buying some of her artwork to display in some embassies.

Personal Life

Susan MIkula
Susan Mikula & Rachel Maddow: Image Source

Susan Mikula has never been one to put out much detail about her personal life to the public, but one of the few very personal information about her which is available in the public space is her relationship.

She is currently in a long term relationship to MSNBC’s top political commentator Rachel Maddow. Susan first met Rachel in 1999; Rachel was just undertaking her Ph.D. dissertation in Politics from Oxford University at this time. Susan was reported to have contracted Rachel to help with her yard landscape, and not only was she pleased with the job well done by Rachel, but she also obviously took a liking to the contractor who was in charge of her job.

According to the artist, she has always preferred female lovers, and she wasted no time in expressing her admiration of Rachel to her. They both decided to have their first date at a program put together by the National Rifle Association (NRA) tagged “Ladies Day on the Range”, and it went so well and their relationship blossomed on from there. They have been together for about 20 years now, and they are enjoying their life as it is right now, with no pressure to get legally married at all – as they have stated that they would do so when they feel the time is right.

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Other Facts About Susan Mikula – Rachel Maddow’s Partner

• Photography Skill And Passion

Unlike most professional photographers around today, who attended very fancy and exotic art schools before practicing their profession, Susan Mikula did not attend such schools at all.

She taught herself photography, and she takes very vintage and uncommon photos using very old technology – such as pinhole cameras and Polaroid cameras – which today’s famous photographers have long abandoned and forgotten about.

Susan somehow manages to still produce very impressive photographs despite the very outdated technology that she employs, and this decision has made her stand out from others in her chosen career.

• Net Worth

Susan Mikula is an accomplished photographer and artist, and she has her works on display in several galleries and art exhibitions all over the world. She earns income from multiple streams and it is believed that her works will still continue to stand out from the crowd and earn her more income in years to come. She is worth $5 million while, her partner, Rachel, is worth about $20 million.


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