Suzanne Rawlings – Everything To Know About Richard Rawlings Ex-Wife

Some folks tagged ‘high-profile’ today are not necessarily so but attained the status because of some stupendous fortune they’ve amassed or some unique niche they’ve carved out for themselves in an industry. Some are who they are for one reason and one reason only; their association with celebrities, especially when such a relationship is marital. The same can be said of Suzanne Rawlings who, although not a politician, media personality, model or someone in the performing arts — has become famous for her marriage to the American entrepreneur and media personality, Richard Rawlings. Let’s get to know this celebrity wife, before and after her split from her erstwhile husband; albeit scanty.

Suzanne Rawlings’ Biography

Since Suzanne Rawling came into the limelight after her marriage to Richard Rawlings in 1999, the beautiful blonde has largely remained enveloped in her husband’s popularity. While she continued to appear in public with her husband, there was hardly any opportunity for an interview with her; at least to flesh out details of her early childhood, education, siblings, parents or what they did for a living. However, we know she was born on a February 8 and is reportedly in her mid-forties. We also know she went by the maiden name Suzzane Marie Mergele; before adding Rawlings to it. However, it is uncertain if she will still maintain that name, especially in the wake of their recent split in 2019.

Her ex-husband Richard Rawlings was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on March 30, 1969. Growing up, Rawlings attended auto shows with his father and constructed cars. This early influence would later lead to the purchase of his first car at the age of 14. He attended Eastern Hills High School and after graduation, spent a large chunk of his youthful time working as a firefighter, law enforcement officer, and paramedic.

Although he’s been the man behind Lincoln Press since 1999, Rawlings is perhaps best known for founding Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas. Gas Monkey Garage was dedicated to piecing together custom-made automobiles for its global customer base. Sparking attention, the facility has been the centerpiece of Discovery Channel’s Fast N’ Loud since June 2012. The Show’s signatory name would later form the title of Rawling’s autobiography; Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers. It was published in May 2015. So far, Fast N’ Loud has aired over 134 episodes, across 14 different seasons.

All the while, Rawling’s relationship with his now-ex-wife, Suzanne was in an on and off state. They were first married in 1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, ten years down the line, they were divorced in 2009. They later found love in each other’s arms again and remarried in 2015 in a ceremony held in Cabo, Mexico. In what seemed like a surreal move, Rawlings and Suzanne announced their split on March 11, 2019, stating irreconcilable differences. They have not made a third move to get back into marriage again.

Throughout their years together, there was no news of them having or expecting a child together. We’re also left in the dark as to Richard Rawling’s possible children from other relationships, seeing that Suzanne hasn’t been his only wife. Back in 1993, Rawlings was married to Karen K Grames but the union barely lasted a year; as it all went sour in 1994.

Salary and Net Worth

As of 2019, sources put Suzanne Rawlings’ net worth at $1 million. However, there are no specifics regarding her annual earnings, though we have a few tell tales to judge from. While a million dollars is no small amount, it tends to shrink twenty times its size when compared to her ex-hubby’s $20 million fortune.

Suzanne Rawlings
Suzanne Rawlings and her ex-husband, Richard Rawlings

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Height and Body Measurements

For a woman who is reportedly in her mid-forties, Suzanne Rawlings has done a great job towards maintaining her youthful glow. While it’s not clear how tall she stands, we know she stands a bit lower than her ex-husband who is 6 ft 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall. She is blonde and has dark brown eyes. As of the time of this writing, we have no specifics about her body measurements, bra, shoe, and dress sizes yet. As soon as these details about Suzanne Rawlings are made available, you can check them out here.


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