Who Is Dee Snider’s Wife, Suzette Snider and are They Still Together?

Dee Snider’s wife, Suzette Snider is an American costume designer, make-up artist, hairstylist, and television star. The couple got married in October 23, 1981, and have remained together ever since.

Popular American musician and media personality, Dee Snider came to the limelight for being a member of the heavy metal band, Twisted Sister. Dee has over the years, grown in his entertainment career and is now one of the most popular metal singers of all time.

Apart from Twisted Sister, Snider has also worked with several other bands such as Bent Brother, Desperado, Widowmaker, and so on. He has also accomplished several projects as a solo artist. Do you know who this talented artist is married to? Discover all the facts about Dee Snider’s wife, Suzette Snider, and the current state of their relationship.

Summary of Dee Snider’s Biography

  • Full name: Suzette Snider
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 16 April 1961
  • Place of Birth: Long Island, New York, USA
  • Dee Snider’s Age: 62 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Dee Snider’s Husband: Dee Snider (m. 1981)
  • Dee Snider’s Children: Cheyenne Snider, Shane Snider, Jesse Blaze Snider, Cody Blue Snider
  • Siblings: Vincent Gargiulo (late)
  • Dee Snider’s Height in Inches: 5 feet and 4 inches
  • Dee Snider’s Height in Centimetres: 162
  • Dee Snider’s Weight: 58 kg
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Famous for: Being the wife of Dee Snider
  • Net worth: $700,000
  • Dee Snider’s Instagram: justsuzette
  • Twitter: @Suzette_Snider

Who Is Suzette Snider – Dee Snider’s Wife?

Suzette Snider was born on the 16th of September, 1960 in New York’s Long Island of the United States. Suzette had an only brother, Vincent Gargiulo, whom she lost in 2003 through assassination.

Suzette Snider mainly worked for Twisted Sister, especially during their booming years. She did their make-up and hair, designed their costumes as well as the band’s logo. She has also served as a make-up artist/hairstylist and costumier for several films including Behind the Scene (2011) and Fool’s Day (2013). As a TV star, she has featured on a number of reality shows such as The Howard Stern Show (1987) and Growing Up Twisted (2010).

Aside from working on films, Suzette designs her own themed and customized outfits, especially during holidays such as Christmas.

Meet Her Children With The Musician

Suzette Snider with her husband and kids: image source

Suzette Snider met Dee Snider in a night club at the very young age of 15. Dee himself was just 21 then. They immediately started dating and by the next year, she moved in with him. The duo eventually married in 1981, precisely on the 23rd of October. The couple has three sons and one daughter.

Suzette gave birth to their first child and son, Jesse Blaze Snider on the 19th of September, 1982. Jesse grew up to also become an entertainment personality, working as both an actor and musician. He is popular for his acting roles in All That Remains (2010), Holliston (2012), and Judge Dredd: Superfiend (2014). And for being a member of the metal band, Baptised by Fire.

Suzette gave birth to their second child/son, Shane Royal Snider on 29th February 1988. Shane is a writer and actor. He is popular for appearing in films like Calicoon (2012) and Fool’s Day (2013).

On 7th December 1989, they welcome their third child and son, Cody Blue Snider. Cody is also in the show business, working as a director and film producer.

Finally, on 31st October 1996, their daughter, Cheyenne Snider arrived. Cheyenne is a singer and member of They All Float, a four-member music band with her being the only female. Her father has described her as “a total metalhead”.

Suzette Snider alongside her husband and kids appeared on the 2010 A&E reality series, Growing Up Twisted. The couple also has a granddaughter named Cassidy and a grandson called Logan from their son, Jesse.

Are Suzette and Dee Snider Still Together?

Suzette and Dee are still very much together. They, in fact, count among the very few showbiz couples who have maintained a marital relationship that has spanned decades. Having met and started dating since 1976, the Snider duo has been together for over four decades.

The couple, however, almost broke up just three years after their marriage. That was in 1984 when Twisted Sister was at the peak of success and it got into Dee’s head, drastically affecting their relationship. Eventually, they rebuilt their love through counseling.

Many have described Suzette Snider as the powerhouse that holds her family together. She has a longstanding habit of attending most events and often touring alongside her husband. During the 1990s when Dee was a broke man, she was the one who worked hard and put bread on the family’s table until he got back to his feet.

The power couple lives in their deluxe residence on Long Island, New York. They, however, spend some part of the year, especially the holidays, in another home they have in East Setauket, NY.

Facts About Suzette Snider

  1. Suzette Snider was born on the 16th of September1960 in Long Island, New York, USA.
  2. She is currently 62 years old
  3. Her star sign is Aries.
  4. Suzette had one brother named Vincent Gargiulo who was assasinated in 2003.
  5. She is a costume designer, make-up artist, hairstylist, and has worked on projects such as Fool’s Day (2013), Behind the Scene (2011) and The Howard Stern Show (1987).
  6. Suzette met her husband, Dee Snider, in a night club when she was 15 and they started dating immediately. The later tied the knot on the 23rd of October.
  7. Her marriage is blessed with four children, three sons named Shane, Jesse Blaze, and Cody Blue, and one daughter, Shy.
  8. She has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

9) Suzette Snider has appeared on E!‘s True Hollywood Story and Celebrity Wife Swap.

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