Suzy Shuster – Biography And Profile Of Rich Eisen’s Wife

When it comes to broadcasting, Suzy Shuster has built a prolific resume having worked with several reputable stations. She is a broadcaster and sportscaster who has worked for various radio stations but is quite famous for her days with ABC Sports. She kicked off her career as an intern at CBS and has truly grown from there. After grabbing huge experience and cognition, she became the host of the USC Football Pregame Show and a contributor on the Huffington Post news blog. Also, she is the CEO of Hudson Productions.

Suzy Shuster – A Quick Profile Of Rich Eisen’s Wife

It is assumed (most times, wrongly) that reporters are loud-mouthed. This is a prejudiced assertion generally ascribed to journalists and radio broadcasters because of their shows on-air. However, the case of Suzzy Shusters seems to differ from this assertion as she has remained tight-lipped with the details about her personal life. It is quite surprising that there are no records that show the exact day, date and year, the lady was born. She has also withheld basic information about her immediate family and her early years.

On the other hand, it is known that she bagged a degree in History and Arts History from Columbia University in 1994 even though the details of her high school education are nowhere to be found.


Suzy Shuster days as a sports broadcaster could be traced way back as her days as an intern with CBS; a job she got shortly after graduating from college. Fox News subsequently grabbed her and she worked with Miley Rooney to cover some non-sporting events which included the 1996 US Presidential election race. The duo also covered most of the top news that period. ESPN became the next doorstep for Shuster as she was employed by the station to become one of their associate producers for their SportsCenter Show.

After proving her broadcasting stints with ESPN, she joined HBO network on the Real Sports Show. With her new job, she uncovered lots of sports scandals and was the one who exposed the voting scandal of the Olympic Committee in Salt Lake City. The reporter also produced a special report on Pedophile coaches for which she earned an Emmy Award nomination. Also, Suzy Shuster worked on the station’s sports biographical show, making researches on the various sports athlete.

She went back to Fox Tv in 2000, resuming as a sports anchor and lead reporter. As expected, she made an impact with the team before going on to work for NBA TV and later ABC Network as a West Coast representative for its college football coverage.

Besides her broadcasting career, Suzy Shuster seems to have also taken delight in blogging. She spends some of her time writing for HuffingPost and also plays as a host for the USC Football Pregame Show. She also received a Regional Emmy award after covering the 9/11 attacks and its implication on the world of sports. Suzy loves dogs and is a supporter of the Ace Foundation of Hearts and Amanda Foundation. The media company, Aspire Media Training was founded by her.

Her Husband and Kids

Suzy Shuster
Suzy Shuster and Rich Eisen

Psychology says that couples who tread the same career path may likely have a lasting marriage. Suzy Shuster’s union with Rich Eisen has proven that this assertion is most likely to be true. The two met while working together at ESPN and decided to feed the love chemistry that occurred between them. They went on to date, got engaged before finally exchanging their marital vows on the 8th of Jue 2013 in a lavish wedding. Together, they share two handsome boys; Xander, and Taylor and an adorable daughter, Cooper.

Net Worth

While her husband sits on a net worth of $20 million, Suzy Shuster is said to have accumulated a net worth of $10 million. Recently, it was on the news that the couple bought an $8 million mansion in Crests Streets. Meanwhile, the mansion was originally owned by Golden Globe-winning producer, Mike Lobell.

Body Measurements

From the obvious, Suzy Shuster is statuesque blonde and is quite slim. She stands at 5 feet 8 inches and carries a balanced body weight which is yet to be revealed. Despite being a mother of three, she has maintained her body physique. Unfortunately, other details of her body measurements are readily not available.


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