Sydel Curry
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When it comes to celebrity siblings, Sydel Curry certainly takes the cake. She is the sister of three-time NBA champion and two time MVP – Stephen Curry. She is also the sister of NBA point guard and shooting guard – Seth Curry. All three siblings and their parents certainly constitute basketball royalty. As such, it is only normal that she is someone a lot of people have been curious about. If you are one of those, you can learn more about this Curry here including her age, facts about her love life, and what have you.

Sydel Curry Bio (Age)

Sydel Alicia Curry was born on the 20th of October 1994 in Charlotte, North Carolina. She spent her formative years in Charlotte as well as in the Canadian town of Toronto. For her education, Curry attended Queensway Christian College Etobicoke, Ontario as well as The Charlotte Christian School.

While in middle school, Sydel Curry excelled in both volleyball and basketball. It was, however, impractical to combine both and she decided to focus on volleyball. Curry played high school volleyball at Charlotte Christian School and led her school to several records including most wins in a single season. She also helped them to reach the state quarterfinals on three occasions. Curry also received individual honors such as CISAA All-Conference (four times) and NCISAA All-State (twice).

Due to her high school exploits, Sydel Curry gained an athletic scholarship to Elon University. At Elon, she redshirted in her first year but bounced back in the second, recording 360 assists and 118 digs. In her third year, she performed even better with 851 assists and 218 digs. For her fourth year, the North Carolina native recorded an astonishing 1,170 assists and 285 digs. Overall, she finished her college career with 2,381 assists, the eighth highest in her school’s history. Curry was supposed to play a fifth year of college volleyball but a serious injury prevented her from doing so. She, however, did not allow her five years to go to waste as she obtained a bachelors and masters in psychology.

Since leaving college, Sydel Curry has been involved in several ventures showing that she is a multi-talented fellow. She has hosted a series on Facebook Watch titled Sydel Takes On. The series basically involves her interviewing siblings and relatives of celebrities. Her guests have included Alicia key’s younger brother Cole Cook, Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bria Murphy, Chance The Rapper’s brother Taylor Bennet and Sofia Vergara’s cousin Sandra Vergara. Sydel Curry has also launched a wine company, Domaine Curry, with her sister-in-law, Ayesha Curry. Additionally, the former volleyball player has disclosed that she hopes to become a marriage and family counselor one day

Husband or Boyfriend of Stephen Curry’s Sister

Sydel Curry
Curry and her husband, Damion Lee: Sydel Curry/ Instagram

Sydel Curry is married to professional basketball player – Damion Lee. Lee is a native of Baltimore and was born on the 21st of October 1992. He went undrafted in the 2016 draft but has since signed with the Golden State Warriors. Curry first met her future husband in 2013 but the couple differs on the meet-cute. The former volleyball player said they met after he slid into her DM while her beau says that their first meeting was at an NCAA tournament at the Philadelphia Arena. Whichever it was, the couple embarked on a flurry of dates during which they fell for each other.

Curry and Lee were together for six months before he officially asked her out and she said yes. The couple remained together for four years before getting engaged in November 2017. Curry and her fiancée tied the knot on the 1st day of September 2018. Their wedding ceremony took place at the Charlotte Marriott City Centre and featured their loved ones. Curry’s famous brothers served as the groomsmen while her sister-in-law, Ayesha, was the matron of honor. The couple chronicled their wedding day on Instagram and also posted lovely tributes to each other. Curry described Lee as the greatest gift that God has ever given her while he wrote that he would never forget the sight of her walking down the aisle with tears in her eyes.

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Sydel Curry hails from a family that has superior athletic genes. Her father, Dell Curry, is a retired NBA shooter. He played for teams such as The Utah Jazz and The Charlotte Hornets during his 16-year career. Her Mom, Sonya, was also athletic in school before going on to become an educator. Sydel Curry has two elder brothers namely Stephen and Seth. Stephen Curry has won three NBA championships and is widely regarded as the greatest shooter in NBA history. Seth, on the other hand, is a shooting guard and plays for the Portland Trail Blazers.

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