Syrian war

This year makes it the 6th year of the disheartening Syrian war.

Ever since the war started in 2011, millions have been displaced;, injured and hundreds of thousands formally acknowledged as dead.

According to Unicef records, about 2.8 million Syrians are trapped in “hard-to-reach areas; 281,000 living under siege and about 6 million Syrian Children are totally dependent on humanitarian aid.

As usual the core victims in war areas are the children. The international report says that about 650 Children have been killed; while about 850 recruited as child soldiers.

About 2.3 million children have fled Syria while millions of others wake up to rains of bombs and bullets.

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BBC reports that “those recruited increasingly found themselves on the front-line or, in extreme cases, used as executioners, suicide bombers or prison guards.”

Unicef also says that 2016 was the deadliest year for children since the second world war.

Children have died from bomb explosions, airstrikes, and collapsed buildings in Syria. The Syrian crisis massively contributed to the present threatening global refugee crisis.

The Unicef regional director for the Middle East and North Africa also says that children stand the chance of losing their lives on daily basis.

“The depth of suffering is unprecedented,” 

“Millions of children in Syria come under attack on a daily basis, their lives turned upside down.”

“Each and every child is scarred for life with horrific consequences on their health, well-being, and future.”

Sadly, most of these children suffer the bombings and shelling multiple times.

The Syrian war started as a protest against the leadership of Assad who took over from his father, Hafez, in 2000.

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According to a report from Save The Children Uk,

  • Almost all children and 84% of adults said that bombing and shelling was the number one cause of psychological stress for children
  • Two-thirds of children have either lost a loved one, had their house bombed or shelled, or been injured as a result of the war, according to adults interviewed (some had suffered more than one of these traumatic events)
  • 71% of interviewees said that children were increasingly suffering from frequent bedwetting and “involuntary urination” – symptoms of toxic stress and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • 48% of adults said they had seen children who had lost their ability to speak or begun to suffer from speech impediments since the war began
  • Nearly half of those interviewed said children “regularly or always have feelings of grief or extreme sadness”

The humanitarian group warns that if unattended to soon enough most children would become victims of Toxic Stress.

Toxic Stress is a situation that occurs when a child at the very early stages of development experiences frequent harsh conditions and intensified forms of abuse.

Stress in children negatively affects the brain in a big way. Mental health experts say that toxic stress disrupts the development of the brain and other organs of the body. It can cause addictions and several other mental conditions.

While global powers assist in fighting the crisis in Syria, humanitarian groups propose that they also direct their help towards the psychological rehabilitation of the greatly traumatized Syrian children.