Takkarist McKinley
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In order to actualize a dream, determination and focus are some of the key requirements. The tale behind the rise to stardom of Takkarist Mckinley, a professional footballer, is one of such. He has made it through the stormy waves and is now referred to as one of the skilled defensives ends in his time.

The little promise he made to his dying granny finally came to reality when he was drafted in the 2017 NFL draft by the Atlanta Falcons. Since then, he has amazed most of his fans. Here are lesser known facts about him.

Takkarist McKinley Bio

As a norm, every parent’s joy should know no bound for every time they welcome a child but for Takkarist Mckinley, his birth on November 2, 1995, brought mixed feelings to his parents. His father took to his heels while his mother, Tedgela Mitchell tried everything within her power to stay but five years down the lane, she also left, leaving him to the care of his granny who groomed him to be the man he is today. The defensive end once mentioned in an interview that his mother came back when he was seventeen but disappeared again and has not reappeared till date.

His granny, Myrtle Collins was a woman who had everything it takes to be a mom. She wasn’t one of the wealthiest women in her time but she had a large heart. Myrtle took Takkarist McKinley like her own, with the little money she got from selling cans and bottles, she gave him the very best she could afford. Unfortunately, her days on earth was cut short as she suffered from a series of strokes that led to her death. She didn’t live to reap what she sowed in her grandson but it should be certain that she is proud of him, wherever she is.

Takkarist McKinley
Takkarist McKinley granny, Myrtle Collins: Image Source

Takkarist McKinley made a promise to his granny on her deathbed, he promised her that he would build a better future for himself and work himself through becoming a player in the National Football League. That promise has kept the defensive end going.

The defensive end chose football over other sports during his days at Kennedy High School, Richmond. With an attitude of excellence at heart, he was dedicated to his games. As a junior, he recorded 50 tackles in addition to 15 sacks but performed better as a senior totaling 60 tackles and 11 sacks.

He proceeded to the University of California, Berkley where he was denied of his admission because of his grades. This didn’t stop Takkarist from acquiring a sound education; he enrolled at a community college called Contra Costa College where he worked on his grades and along the line, moved back to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

After playing as a defensive end in his college days, he never expected that he would be moved to play as an outside linebacker as he did during the NFL Combine. Takkarist McKinley smashed all the drills and combine shuttles assigned to him. Unfortunately, he incurred a torn labrum and also fractured his shoulder during that period, so he had to undergo a surgery which kept him off the games during the UCLA Pro Day.

Prior to the NFL Draft of 2017, sports analyst had their views about the defensive end, some assumed he would be selected in the first round of the draft while others concluded that he would be selected in the second round. Eventually, he was selected as the 26th overall in the first round by the Atlanta Falcons. Later on, he inked a four year deal with the team worth $10.21 million, $7.89 million guaranteed with a signing bonus of $5.57 million.

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Height, Weight, Body Measurements, and Other Facts

Standing at 6 feet 2 inch, we wouldn’t say that it is quite the perfect height for a defensive end, nevertheless, Takkarist McKinley’s height has never been a hindrance on the field. With a weight of 113 kg, he has an overwhelming control over his build and has recorded an impressive number of tackles. His arm is 34 3/4 inches long and he possesses large hands measured to be  9 3/4 inches.

Apart from football, Takkarist McKinley is also a good sprinter. He performed excellently in track events during his days at Kennedy High.

From our diggings, we discovered that the defensive end poured all his love and attention to his late granny and has not had time for other ladies just yet. However, he was spotted with Kroy Biermann’s daughter (Brielle Biermann) during the Braves game. The two decided to attend the game together after declaring their intentions in a tweet. Currently, no one knows if that game produced a love journey. Anyway, let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what happens next.

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