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Tanner Fox is a young YouTube star who caught the attention of the world in 2011. He is a stunt performer and is quite skilled with the creation of Lego videos on YouTube where he is most active and has over 8 million loyal subscribers with over a billion views on his uploaded videos. He is also active on other social media platforms but none as famous as his YouTube channel. Follow us as we tell you more about him.

Tanner Fox – Biography (Age)

Tanner Fox was born on the 22nd day in the month of December 1999 in San Diego, California. He belongs to the white ethnicity and is an American by nationality. From an early age, he had difficulty sticking to a particular school, this caused him to change school severally before his parents eventually resorted to homeschooling him.

Tanner Fox’s consistency and creativity when it comes to technology from an early age have aided him to be one of the most recognized personalities among his peers. He kicked off a career on YouTube with the upload of his first video on his personalized channel (Tanner Fox) on the 9th day in the month of September 2011. Since then, he has gone on to upload over a thousand videos, gathering over 8 million loyal subscribers in the process. Collectively, his uploaded videos have hit over a billion views.

His current and most active YouTube channel which goes by the name MT Films was created on the 29th of September 2010 and is known for the creation of Lego Virus Stop Motion Animations. Fox uploads videos of legos in various shapes and forms. However, it was his stunt videos that pushed him to the spotlight. Reports have it that he loved stunt scooter riding as a child and has been a stunt performer for a long time. Currently, he is upheld with high esteem as a professional stunt-man.

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With the rate at which he has excelled, it’s no surprise that Tanner Fox is quite familiar with top YouTubers and has liaised with them in a few of his works. In the most recent times, he has worked with renowned YouTube personalities like Casey Neistat, Jake Paul as well as Justin Stuart. More so, his best friend, Jake Angeles plays the role of his video creator.

Being a famous person, a lot of brands have used Tanner Fox for some of their ads. So far, he has worked as an ambassador for top brands like Lucky scooters, Grind shop as well as Root Industries.

Family of The YouTuber

Tanner Fox grew up with his family in San Diego. His mom, Rhonda Fox is also a social media personality who throws a lavish birthday every 25th of April. She boasts over 80,000 followership on Instagram.

Tanner’s sister Lindsay Fox is also a YouTube sensation. She has acquired over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram, as well as over 370,000 loyal subscribers on YouTube.

So far, the family is yet to mention the patriarch of their home. His identity is still very much a mystery, but both Lindsay and Tanner share an amazing bond with their mom. The family has a family dog named Kirby.

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Tanner Fox
Tanner Fox and Taylor Alesia

As a young excelling youngster, Tanner Fox has had a lot of ladies falling at his feet. Amongst these beautiful ladies, one named Anna became his first rumored girlfriend. However, these claims were subsequently annulled after Tanner, in a tweet, revealed he found love with someone that is not Anna.

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Shortly after pouring out his heart to the world, it was revealed that he was in a romantic relationship with a beautiful lady named Taylor Alesia. She is an American social media celebrity and musician. She became famous through her presence on several social media platforms, especially on YouTube and Instagram.

Tanner and Taylor’s relationship which began in 2017 saw too many hypes, as well as social media buzz. Unfortunately, it came to an end almost immediately it began. Tanner was quite destabilized with the breakup and even uploaded a video, expressing his pain on his YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Taylor has moved on with Justin Darezzo while Tanner Fox is still very much single.

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