Tanzania Gets Rid Of 10,000 Ghost Workers

The Tanzanian government has cut out 10,000 ghost workers who were padded into its public sector payroll.

Getting rid of the 10,000 ghost workers, the Tanzanian government has been able to save more than $2 million, which is the amount the government loses to the payroll padding. The money saved will be transferred into the development sector.

Tanzanian President, John Magufuli has targeted corruption since his tenure began in October. His frugality has earned him the nickname ‘The Bulldozer’. He promised to cut down wasteful expenditure in government offices and has so far kept his word.

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In his first few weeks in office, he slashed government’s expenditure to accommodate less costs. Government officials were also not allowed to travel out of the country without obtaining permission from the President or the chief secretary.

Last year, Tanzania did not celebrate her 54th independence from Britain because Magufuli had decided to use the funds in more important sectors like health care.

Payroll padding with ghost workers is nothing new in Africa. In February, Nigeria found out about 23,000 ghost workers in the country’s budget as well as repeated fees allocation with different wordings to conceal its real purpose.

‘Ghost workers’ are workers who do not exist but are included on the payroll by some corrupt government workers who hope to conceal their extortionist ambition by making these ‘workers’ seem legitimate.

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The payroll is still being audited to track down and remove any illegal padding and the government is also on a hunt to find those responsible for the corrupt payroll.

“We will identify those behind this payroll fraud and take them to court … the fight against corruption is top priority for the government,” Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa said on Sunday.