Tanzania: Magufuli Sacks Information Minister In Grand Style

Once again “bulldozer” shocks his cabinet with the Thursday sack of the information Minister, Nape Nnauye.

Report says that the sack was unknown to the minister but the message was clear when the president announced the name of his replacement.

For his replacement, President Magufuli named Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, who was formerly occupying the position of justice and constitutional affairs Minister, as the new information minister.

Replacing the former position of the new information Minister, Palamagamba Kabudi was appointed.

Nape Nnauye scheduled a press conference at a Dar es Salam hotel to address his sack but was reportedly barred from entering the premises by the police.

From his car the sacked minister addressed the media. He thanked the president for the opportunity to serve for as long as it was under his administration.

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According to African News, the sack came a day after “a report was released by an inquiry he set up to investigate Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda”.

Makonda have been accused of terrorizing and threatening the studios of a private radio and television station last week over a TV programme. He came with armed policemen on the said day.

Nape Nnauye formed a committee that faulted Makonda for his actions and set out to penalize him. It is reported that the verdict was given on the same day the committee was formed.

It is not exactly clear what the reason for the Minister’s sack is but Magufuli has displayed no form of regret for his decision, as he publicly showed solidarity for Makonda.

“I believe in my abilities and don’t need anyone to make decisions on my behalf … I encourage you to keep working hard and not to be distracted by what they are saying on social media”

Magufuli’s stand has erupted several criticisms from some government officials. That, regardless, Dar es Salaam-based political analyst, Benson Bans, says the criticisms in government does not seem to be affecting the president’s popularity among the people.

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“I don’t expect to see any major rift that could affect the performance of the government as a result of conflicts between some government officials,” 

“Recent opinion polls give Magufuli an approval rating of over 80 per cent so he is still very popular among Tanzanians and has a mandate to push through his reforms.”

Report says this will be the first cabinet change since Magufuli became president in 2015. However this will not be the first sack.

Magufuli has dismissed a couple of government officials since his administrations. One of the officials happened to be his bosom friend, Charles Kitwanga, former Home Affairs Minister.

Charles had been in the ministry for 5 months. He was fired for showing up to an official proceeding drunk.

The head of Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) was fired earlier in the year for increasing electricity tariffs.