Tanzania Makes Move To Build 5th International Airport

Msalato International Airport – According to Tanzania’s prime minister, the East African country plans to build its fifth international airport in Dodoma.

He made the plan public knowledge during the launch of the new route from Dar es Salam to Dodoma.

Reports says that the new route, which was unveiled by Air Tanzania, was launched after the completion of the expansion of the small airport in Dodoma.

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The Tanzanian government intends to boost air transport in the country; thus the proposition to build more airports, of which the proposed Msalato International Airport is one of them.

As the name implies the construction will take place in Msalato area, 14 Km from Dodoma city.

Tanzania’s PM Kassim Majaliwa also said that the country was also going to move government offices from the commercial capital, Dar es Salaam to Dodoma.

In his words,

“This will make Dodoma busy, hence the need for having international airport remain important.”

By being busy, the area is believed to have the potential of stimulating socio-economic development in the central Tanzania’s regions.

“The government is cognizant of the importance of air travel to the economy and has therefore rehabilitated airports at strategic locations such as Kigoma to capture the market from neighboring countries.”

– Wikipedia.

Other proposed airport constructions include:

  1. Kajunguti International Airport in the northwest to serve the African Great Lakes region
  2. Serengeti International which will cater to Serengeti National Park

Did you know that the Tanzanian government plans to have seven fleets including Boeing 787 Dreamliner by 2018?

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With the exception of Zanzibar, Tanzania mainland has a total of 26 airports and 4 existing international airports, namely,

  1. Julius Nyerere International Airport (Dar es Salaam)
  2. Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA),
  3. Songwe International Airport (Mbeya), and
  4. Mwanza International Airport.

The Tanzania Airports Authority operates 25 airports out of the 58 aerodromes on the Tanzania mainland.