Tanzanian Student Attacked By Angry Mob In India

A 21-year old Tanzanian student was allegedly stripped naked, beaten and made a spectacle by a mob on the streets of Bengaluru.

Apparently, a car that was being driven by a Sudanese student ran over a 35-year old local Sabeen Taj, who died as a result, while her husband Sanuallah sustained injuries. The car was torched by the mob. The Tanzanian student who happened to be driving down the same road was attacked by the mob when they realized that the occupants of her vehicle were Africans as well.

“They pushed me around and hit me. I was wearing a T-shirt. They tugged at it and tore it, leaving me literally without anything. They continued to thrash us and we ran for our lives. My friends and I hopped onto a bus,”

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“The driver didn’t move and the other passengers threw us out. We were at the mob’s mercy. A passerby who offered me a T-shirt was also attacked. They thrashed us again till we took shelter near some shops,” She reported to the Indian Times.

Although the authorities claim the attack wasn’t based on racial profiling, this wouldn’t be the first time African students have been attacked in India.

The police who were around at the time of the incident have been accused of not performing their duties. Government officials and student leaders have criticized the atrocity, with External Affairs Minister Sushma

Swaraj tweeted

“I have asked the Chief Minister to ensure safety and security of all foreign students and stringent punishment for the guilty”.

Some suspects have been arrested and a criminal case has been opened to decide their verdict.

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