President Magufuli Launches Tanzania’s First Fruit And Vegetable Processing Plant

President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania has opened the country’s first-ever fruit and vegetable processing plant.

According to the Daily News, the fruit and vegetable processing plant is the project of Said Bakhresa, one of  Tanzania’s wealthiest men. Bakhresa is the CEO of Bakhresa Group, a company which particularly specializes in agro business, beverages, logistics, media, oil trading, recycling, and packaging.

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The fruit and vegetable processing plant, which has the capacity of processing 350 tons of fruits and vegetables a day, can produce up to 41 million liters of juice a year. The factory is located in Mwandege in Mkuranga District, Coast Region. The factory will be producing Azam Cola drinks, and will employ a likely number of 600 people.

President Magufuli Launches Tanzania's First fruit And Vegetable Processing Plant.

President Magufuli was full of praise for Said Bakhresa whom he applauded for creating employment opportunities for Tanzanians.

President Magufuli said:

“I like investors who create jobs for Tanzanians. You have created jobs for Tanzanians and you’ve continued to provide jobs to juice vendors in the city and farmers.”

The plant will create and sustain jobs for different sectors of the economy. While it will directly employ factory workers, farmers will also benefit as they will have a ready market for their products. On the other side, juice vendors will have a stable supply of juice to sell to consumers.

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President Magufuli also congratulated the Tanzanian people who pay their taxes. He said they are playing an important part in growing the country’s economy.

One fault of the factory is that it currently relies on electricity generators to power it. However, President Magufuli instructed the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) to ensure that the factory is connected to the power grid within the next two months.

Amidst the praises President Magufuli showered on Bakhresa, he also told the businessman to give thought to setting up a sugar factory in Tanzania in order to solve the country’s sugar shortages.