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When it comes to video games, not many women show interest and go as far as mastering the territory, but that is precisely what Tara Babcock did to achieve fame and stay relevant. Tara Babcock is a dreamer who has tried her hands on various endeavors and has achieved success in a good number of those endeavors. For those who might not be familiar with Tara Babcock, she is a model who has carved out an income source from her various hobbies is a model, a renowned gamer, a YouTube star, and a vlogger. The combination of beauty and brains is a rare one and the blue-eyed model is blessed with both. Let’s take a closer look at the personal details of this beauty and what her life entails.

Tara Babcock’s Biography

Tara Babcock was born on the 10th of November 1989 in Seattle, Washington, where she was raised by her parents Bob and Mary. Research has it that Bob and Mary never got married legally but took it upon themselves to raise the star together showering her with love as their only child.

Tara discovered her love for modeling and video games early and it took most of her time. Her interest for modeling became a core determination for her entering modeling school when she was just 12 years old, the location and name of the school are still unknown but certainly, the young model went to college after high school where she graduated from before launching into her career.

Tara being more mature than her age mates took a huge step into multiple areas in fashion and beauty early. Moreso, her modeling career brought her fame and she soon became one of the most sort after models for many magazines and publication adverts. Next, she got into television where she equally showcased her skill and prowess for the art.

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But intelligent Tara didn’t stop there, she differed to publicizing her skills on social media channels like Youtube where she had focused her gaming skills while running other accounts for relationship advice, fashion, beauty tips, and vlogging. It didn’t take her long to get people’s attention on her self named Tara Babcock Games channel which she had created on 27th Dec 2008. On the channel, she streams gaming content for her teeming fans. She also has another channel with the same name on Twitch where she streams similar content.

As her subscribers grew, she became one of the recognized members of the online gaming community. Now, she enjoys playing games like Starcraft, Mortal Combat, Assasin Creed, God of War and a host of others. When tara is not producing gaming content, she keeps herself busy on her vlogging channel where she shares her view on social life. She has over 700 videos and 420,000 subscribers. Her beauty channel is named Tara Babcock Beauty and this is where she shares makeup tips, posture training, and other recreating matters.

Who is The Husband or Is She Dating Anyone?

Tara has been at the core of a few rumors about her relationship life, but despite all of that, she still chooses to keep the reality of things to herself. She is not officially known to be in any relationship at the moment. She loves the German language and of course, its men. She made this revelation in her video ‘Why I Love German’.

Back in 2012, pictures of a certain dude with the Instagram account @JECKO5 showed up on her Instagram and got many tongues wagging, but she chose to ignore the rumors and not give them life. The model was also rumored to be an item with Toby Turner in 2013, but it only lasted for 3 months. If the youtube star is actually in a relationship now, she has done a good job keeping it from the media and public view.

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Tara Babcock’s Net Worth

Tara has not revealed her actual net worth, her website Tarababcock.com earns $2.86 per day. Babcock is also active on her YouTube account Tara Babcock Blogs where she has 413k subscribers as of 2019. She makes between $303 to $4.9k monthly which keeps her annual income somewhere between $3.6k to $5.2k.

Although her net worth is not known, there is no doubt that Tara is living a highly luxurious life with her very expensive cars as proof.

Body Stats

Though Tara Babcock is always on the gaming sit these days, she has kept her body in top shape. She has a body height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 49.9kg with an hourglass body comprising of 30 inches bust size, 23 inches waist size and 36 inches hip size.

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