6 Unusual Facts That Will Tell You All About Tara Babcock’s Interesting Life

When it comes to video games, not many women show interest and go as far as mastering the territory. This rarity is one of the few things that have made Tara Babcock a recognizable name to the digital community. Aside from that, she has also leveraged on her curvy body to build a following on Instagram and the subscription-based content sharing service, OnlyFans.

Tara is also a YouTuber, who not only shares her video gaming skills online but is also a vlogger with a significant following. The model/YouTuber is capturing substantial aspects of the modern online community, and here are a few facts to familiarize yourself about her.

1. Tara Babcock Attended Modelling School at 12

Tara Babcock was born on November 10, 1989, in Seattle, Washington, where she was raised by her parents Bob and Mary. Research has it that Bob and Mary never got married but took it upon themselves to raise her together, showering her with love as their only child.

Tara discovered her love for modelling and video games early, and it took most of her time. Her interest in modelling became a core determination for her entering modelling school when she was just 12 years old. The location and name of the school are still unknown. Although several reports claim she attended college and graduated, details about it remain unverifiable.

Because Tara looked more mature than her agemates, she had a quick turn as a sex symbol. With interest from magazines and other media outlets, she began a glamour and swimwear modelling career that brought her modest fame and success. She also appeared in commercials before she eventually retired from the industry.

2. She Transitioned to Video Gaming Streaming After Modeling

Intending to combine her physical allure and gaming skills, on December 27, 2008, Tara created a gaming channel, TaraBabcockGames. Since she started the channel, she has streamed herself playing different games, such as God of War, Starcraft, Assassin Creed, Mortal Combat, among others.

Since she created the channel in 2008, she has amassed more than 220 subscribers and uploaded more than 1,300 videos. Her videos have been viewed more than 46 million times, with an average of 5,000 views per week. The channel, combined with her Instagram presence where she posts suggestive photos of herself, helped bring Tara Babcock to widespread digital fame.

Leveraging on it, she expanded her gaming content to Twitch in December 2012, and now has more than 190 thousand followers and over 7.88 million views.

On the video streaming platform, she often plays League of Legends and the multiplayer wilderness survival game, Don’t Starve Together. Since she joined the app, she has streamed more than 1,400 hours of content. She also has a dedicated gaming Instagram account, @tarababcockgames, where she shares all things gaming.

3. Tara Babcock Has a Variety YouTube Channel Too

She began her dalliance with YouTube and other video sharing services with video games. However, her growing popularity has seen her incorporate other content forms too. On August 3, 2013, she started an eponymous vlogging channel, where she shares various videos about herself, life, and more.

On TaraBabcock, her content catalogue includes ASMR videos, comment reading, outdoor activities, her opinions on a variety of trending social and political issues. The channel’s content diversity has attracted far more fans than her gaming channel, with more than 454,000 subscribers and over 94 million videos. Tara Babcock’s vlogging channel also receives more than 148,000 views per week and over 21,000 a day.

Other non-gaming contents from the model include a beauty channel, TaraBabcockBeauty. The channel, created in 2014, focuses on beauty and fashion content such as makeup tips and fashion choices. The channel has a modest subscriber base, with 6,700+ subscribers. Tara also has an OnlyFans and Patreon page, where she shares exclusive videos and pictures with paying subscribers.

4. She Earns a Lot of Money from Her Digital Ventures

An analysis of her various digital ventures suggests Tara Babcock is raking in some sizeable cash sharing her interests with the online community. Her vlogging channel, TaraBabcock, her biggest of three channels, earns her up to $2.6k in monthly earnings and $30.6k in yearly income from ad revenue.

Babcock’s gaming channel earns significantly lower, with only up to $1k in yearly earnings. Her beauty channel, which is not as active as the other two, has zero revenue. However, for Tara, when it comes to content, her most significant revenue comes via exclusive services. Based on her following on public channels, the model/gamer presumably has a modest paying fanbase, raising her yearly income into six figures.

Aside from digital content, Tara is also an entrepreneur. She has a merchandise collection, where she sells different kinds of branded items like clothing, like phone cases, t-shirts, blankets, sweaters, and more. Though her exact net worth cannot be ascertained, between YouTube, Merchandise, Patreon, and OnlyFans, Tara is obviously financially comfortable.

5. Tara Babcock is a Single Woman

Tara has been at the core of a few rumours about her relationship life. However, despite all of that, she still chooses to keep the reality of things to herself. Tara is not officially known to be in any relationship at the moment. She loves the German language and of course, its men. She made this revelation in her video, Why I Love German.

Back in 2012, pictures of a certain man with the Instagram account @JECKO5 showed up on her Instagram and got many tongues wagging. Still, she chose to ignore the rumours and not give them life. As a result, the actual state of her relationship with him remains a mystery.

The model also had a rumoured relationship with Toby Turner, in 2013. The relationship, according to several online outlets, lasted for four months. However, the widespread presumption is that she is single, having railed against traditional relationships.

If that happens not to be accurate, she has done a decent job of keeping it from the media and public view.

6. She Once Appeared on The Drunken Peasants

Tara Babcock’s explicit content profile has kept her out of mainstream media appearances despite her significant popularity. Her only appearance so far came in 2016, in the comedy game show podcast, The Drunken Peasants.

The Columbus, Ohio-based show has been on air since 2014 and hosted by Ben Ghazi and TJ Kirk. Tara appeared in the June 15, 2016 episode, Trump’s Teleprompter – Vegan Explains Morality.

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