Taylor Bisciotti’s Biography, How She Made a Name as a Female NFL Anchor and Her Dating History

Taylor Bisciotti is an American sports journalist and reporter currently making waves through her stint with the NFL Network. Not only has her knowledge of the sport gotten her to its highest level as a journalist, but her fashion sense has equally made her grace covers of fashion magazines to the admiration of her teeming fans.

What could have turned out to be a lonely background became the foundation of a career that has seen her work with sports media outlets like ESPN and SEC. At NFL Network where she works, she is notably the youngest on-air reporter to be employed by the media outlet, a huge accomplishment for a journey that began in her childhood.

Taylor Bisciotti Grew up in a Family full of Men

The NFL news reporter was born on October 5, 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia to Trudie and an Italian-American father whose identity remains unknown. She grew up in Atlanta alongside her elder brother Kyle and her three cousins, namely Jack, Michael, and Jack. Her family has a crazed rich football history, and they also have Italian heritage.

Growing up as the only girl amidst four boys, Taylor Bisciotti cultivated the habit of watching sports channels, especially the game of football. Her Uncle Stephen J. Bisciotti a.k.a Steve Bisciotti is also the majority owner of the Baltimore Ravens franchise. So, football was a religion for the Bisciotti family, and Taylor became an ardent believer. Sundays became her favorite day of the week as her family always came together to watch the NFL.

All these deepened her interest in pursuing a career in a sports-related field. She enrolled at the University of Georgia (UGA) where she acquired a degree in broadcast journalism, as well as a second degree in business marketing. It is worth noting, however, that she did not start as a journalism major in college.

Despite applying to study both journalism and business, she initially found the former daunting as a career path and considered the latter a safer route.

However, in her senior year as a business major, Taylor found she did not love the course as much as she thought and gave journalism a second try. After whetting her whistle with an internship at a DC-based media outlet, she found she loved the profession and returned to school to earn a degree in broadcast journalism.

She Began Her Professional Career at WUSA 9

She had the internship that transformed her career path at WUSA 9, where she whetted her skills as a sports correspondent, reporting on various sporting news. Aside from sparking her passion for journalism, it also formed an impression on the type of sports she wanted to specialize in.

After her internship, Taylor Bisciotti got recruited as a sideline reporter by SEC station where her coverage of college athletics events within the southeastern conference earned her good commendations.

Taylor Bisciotti
Taylor during her days working for ESPN: image source

Having impressed at SEC, the leading media outlet, ESPN, upgraded her job description from sideline reporter for collegiate games to covering mainstream leagues. This exposure caused her to gain the admirations of many sports fans and the public who watched her broadcasts.

To have a better grasp of her chosen field of expertise, she joined the Sporting News Reporting Media. There, she was a host of their sports post-game shows and interviewed NFL and WWE stars.

Her Move to the NFL Network Made Her a National Figure

Taylor added a feather to her cap when she joined the National Football League Network; later becoming the youngest on-air reporter to be hired by the network. In early 2017, she secured an interview with the NFL Network in Los Angeles. Being a young woman with little experience and applying to a male-dominated field, Taylor was rightfully nervous.

However, she impressed in the interview, and her reel convinced the outlet’s executive she is a woman with potential. She got hired, as an anchor and correspondent for the network. She started her NFLN career by doing news desk updates, sourcing for sports news headlines from available media platforms.

Later she moved to field reporting, where she gained more exposure on a national level. At the start of the 2017 NFL season, Taylor Bisciotti got a promotion, and she began hosting her own studio show, ICYMI: All 32.

Taylor Bisciotti
Taylor Bisciotti on NFL Network: image source

The show involves running of commentaries alongside Cynthia Frelund and Adam Rank and highlights of NFL games. She also anchors the Up to the Minute segment where she gives details on players’ status, NFL combines and drafts as well as other interesting NFL sporting stories.

Her promotion made her a female leader in sports broadcasting as well as the youngest on-air talent the network had ever hired. Having gained some clout, Taylor has been working towards eradicating the notion that women, fashion, and football are incompatible.

She has Become a Fashion Style Icon Too

Taylor Bisciotti is not just a good sports analyst or news anchor, but she has got a great fashion sense too. She is continuously seen sporting good-looking outfits while carrying out interviews on the pitch. No wonder she has graced the cover of Style BluePrint, a Southern Lifestyle publication.

Her family also hosts a fashion show and luncheon, where Taylor is an active participant. The show raises money for health-related causes, specifically the Ronald McDonald House. Taylor helps the family raise money that goes towards medical equipment and provides free accommodation to families with sick children when they need it.

Additionally, her knowledge and style have endeared Taylor to many fans and admirers who in turn, track her down to the social media platforms.  Across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, she has racked up more than 110,000 followers combined.

Taylor Bisciotti’s Dating History Remains Unknown, and She Might be Single

The gorgeous news anchor is not yet married. That’s the much we know. Although she has been seen rocking a beautiful ring on the wedding finger, we are not sure if it is an engagement ring or wedding band as she has been silent on the matter.

One fact we know to a large extent is that Taylor Bisciotti speculatively had a relationship with the American radio and television personality, Brian McFayden from June 2015. Details of their alleged affair remain undisclosed, and it is unknown when or how it ended. If it has.

His social media page, specifically Instagram, is filled with pictures of himself with lovely Taylor Bisciotti. That ended in June 2016 when they suddenly stopped hanging out together, and the picture uploads stopped.

It is unclear if they broke up, what caused their split or if they are still quietly seeing each other off the media. Well, since she is yet to give a formal statement on the big beautiful ring, we will assume that she is single as of now.


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