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A lot of his fans prefers to call him Thor-terback rather than quarterback. Taysom Hill is not one of the luckiest who made it into the National Football League easily in their time. However, he is currently one of the free undrafted agents who has done well as a footballer. He has shuffled different positions in the game but is currently the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints (NFL).

Taysom Hill’s Bio

The Hill’s family are noted for their togetherness and love, they are often seen together in each of their son’s games. They are also noted for their staunch religious beliefs as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With that, Taysom Hill who joined the family on 23rd August 1990 was raised as one. He was born as the last of four children and was pampered by all his siblings- Jordan, Dexter, and Celeste. The head of their home, Doug Hill was a lover of sports, he wasn’t really a perfectionist when it comes to games but he supported his boys who were die-hard fans of various sporting games. Taysom and his siblings have as their mom Natalie, who has always been supportive of their inclination to sports.

March 2016 became a black month in the family as they lost their son Dexter to the cold hands of death. It was a horrible experience for them but Taysom felt his demise more as he adored his brother who had been an example to them all. That was not all, Dexter, while he was alive, groomed Taysom as a footballer since he was way ahead of him in the game as he was notable for his amazing football skills during his days at Scottsdale Community College. No wonder, his death so much broke Taysom’s heart that he decided to stay out of one of his games at Brigham Young University.

As a sportsman, Taysom Hill was a notable footballer, basketballer, and sprinter Highland Hill School produced. However, he gave more attention to the game of football. Throughout his days in the school, he was acknowledged with so many awards, not forgetting his honors of holding Highland High school single-season records.

Having set a remarkable record at high school, Taysom became one of the most highly sought after student-athletes in his time. He got various scholarship offers from different institutions, he however, decided to settle for Brigham Young University (BYU). There, he occupied the position of the team’s starting quarterback and played with high spirits. Although his days at BYU were noted for more wins than losses, he also had setbacks on different occasions and incurred one injury or the other at various times. Before the end of his collegiate career, the quarterback decided to adjust to jersey number 7 after playing with jersey number 4 for a while with reasons pointing to his intentions of honoring his deceased brother who wore the later while at the game.

Come year 2017, it was quite disappointing that Taysom Hill didn’t make up the count for the NFL draft that season. So, he decided to roam the country as an undrafted free agent, after which he signed up with the Green Bay Packers that season. With the team, he put in his very best and in no short time, decided to join the New Orleans Saints after he was waived by his former team.

How Much Does He Earn As Salary?

With the Packers, Taysom Hill earned $1,670,000, a signing bonus and guarantee of $5,000. Based on calculations, he was said to have earned $556,667 annually and was supposed to earn $555,000 in 2018 but he was waived by the team. Details about his earnings with the Orleans are off the records at the moment.

Meet His Wife

Taysom Hill
Taysom and Emily Nixon

Taysom waited for love as he once mentioned in an interview that he would be patient till the girlfriend part of his life came to be. In no little time, he found love with Emily Nixon, a woman who he adores with everything he has. Their engagement was witnessed by a few people who passed through College Sation in 2013 that fateful day. Barely a year, after their engagement the two decided to take their vows in the Salt Lake Temple.

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Ever since their union, they seem fulfilled with their married life with scandals at all. Their union is not known to have produced any babies yet.

Emily on her part is a lover of sports, after her husband’s mom, she is her husband’s number one fan. Her brother David Nixon also played for BYU and currently plays for the Oakland Raiders in the NFL.

Weight and Height

Apart from having built a successful career, Taysom has also worked on his body build. With a height of 6 feet 2 inches, kudos are given to him since his frame is considered as one of the factors that have helped him build a successful career. He weighs 100Kg.

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