Technology Over-Reliance: How Our Smartphones Are Making Us Dumber

Are our smartphones making us dumber? It is really a question of technology over-reliance.

How many things are we achieving now with just an application or function on our smartphones that would have required a specialized skill set to do before?

Quite a lot if you think about it long enough, but you do not even need to, you could just google it with your handy smartphone.

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With most smartphones available on the market today, you could- navigate in cities, buy goods, subscribe for services, track your vital signs like blood pressure and the likes, calculate answers to complex mathematical problems, change the channel on your television and a hundred other tasks like that.

technology overreliance

Although for some, especially the younger generation, it may be a fading memory, before smartphones became commonplace, we had to depend on specific learned skills to do all those things.

We had routes and road networks memorized because there was no hope for GPS, we had to hand write and manually edit messages or even articles like this one without relying on auto-correct features or software editing tools.

In essence, technology has enabled and is enabling us to do more even while failing to understand the intricacies of what we are doing, it is both a freeing and a sobering thought.

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This thought is however by no means a new one. It has been true ever since the first light technological advances began and enabled us to achieve tasks faster and more easily. It may admittedly be more noticeable now because of the access that a device like the smartphone has given us to technology.

technology overreliance

The lift of the pressure to cram large amounts of technical knowledge is not a bad one, in fact as much as a smartphone could make one dumber, it could also make one smarter. Trick is not to cross over into technology over-reliance; total dependence on technology to answer all questions and solve all tasks.

How does one do that? Well we have about three suggestions;

  • Don’t believe everything you read online
  • Learn the basic skills of repairing and fixing your devices, so you are never stranded
  • Retain knowledge of necessary survival skills

Remember that technology may have made us faster and more efficient but there is always the worst case scenario of being without them momentarily and then, a habit of technology over-reliance may render us handicapped.