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Ted Nugent is an American Rock musician – a vocalist, songwriter, and expert guitarist. Ted goes by several nicknames including “The Nuge”, “Uncle Ted”, and “The Motorcity Madman”. Ted’s initial claim to fame was his job as the lead guitarist of “The Amboy Dukes”, a Detroit-based rock band most popular for their greatest hit single, Journey to the Center of the Mind (1968). He subsequently, garnered much fame as a member of other music bands/groups including Epic Records and Damn Yankees. In his solo career, Ted’s most popular work is his 1995 album, Spirit of the Wild. Latest on his list of collections is his 2018 release, The Music Made Me Do It.

Aside his music career, Nugent is also an avid hunter and political activist. A staunch Republican, Ted Nugent is known for his usually conservative and controversial political viewpoints. His extremely right-wing views once led to his threatening to kill Democrats Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. Learn more about the Rock star as you read on, including facts about his personal life.

Ted Nugent’s Bio (Age)

He was born as Theodore Anthony Nugent on 13th December 1948 in Redford, Michigan, U.S.A. Ted is the third of the four children of his parents – Marion Dorothy and Warren Henry Nugent, a military sergeant. He is American by nationality and partly Swedish by descent, through his maternal grandparents.

Ted Nugent grew up in Michigan, precisely in the city of Detroit. Ted developed a passion for both music and hunting right from his early years, mastering the use of the bow at five and the guitar at six. As a child, he always went hunting in the Dearborn hills in Michigan. He, later on, started off his first music band, “Lourdes” around the age of fourteen.

After his elementary education, Ted enrolled at the William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois. After schooling there briefly, he changed to St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, still in Illinois. On graduating from high school, he attended the Oakland Community College in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

As a high school and college student, Ted made some failed attempts at joining the US army. Ted Nugent is a strong supporter of various Detroit sporting teams, namely the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings, MLB’s Detroit Tigers, NBA’s Detroit Pistons, and NFL’s Detroit Lions. Moreover, Nugent is a strict anti-drug and anti-alcohol activist. He is also a strong advocate of hunting and gun ownership rights.

Ted militantly insists that the problem of misuse of arms is a result of drug/alcohol abuse, indiscipline, and bad parenting and not the freedom to bear arms. He also believes that he has not been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of his open and aggressive stand against alcoholism and substance abuse. As a means of making his anti-drug voice heard, Nugent serves as a national spokesperson for the DARE – Drug Abuse Resistance Education – program in the United States.

His Family – Wife, Daughter, And Other Kids

Ted Nugent’s wife is Shemane Deziel. The duo met each other during Ted’s guest visit on Detroit-based radio station, WLLZ-FM where Shemane was working as part of the news crew then. They later got married in 1989, on January 21st. The couple has a son named Rocco Winchester Nugent. Some sources, however, hold that they also have a daughter named Chantal Nugent.

Prior to marrying Shemane Deziel, Ted Nugent initially tied the knot with Sandra Janowski on January 30, 1971. After about nine years of marriage which produced three kids – Theodore Tobias Nugent, Sasha Nugent, and Starr Nugent – the duo got divorced, on December 31, 1979. Sandra Janowski later died in a ghastly auto accident in 1982.

Ted Nugent’s daughter, Sasha Nugent who was born in the early 1970s, around the time Ted was working with The Amboy Dukes band, had one of his singles titled after her – “Sasha” (1974).

Meanwhile, Ted Nugent has three kids outside wedlock. He reportedly had the first two ahead of his first marriage, whom he gave up for adoption as babies. He later fathered another child, a son with one Karen Gutowski in 2005, while married to Shemane Deziel.

Ted Nugent
Nugent with second wife, Shemane and their son, Rocco: image source

Ted Nugent’s Net Worth

In his over multi-decade music career, since 1964, Ted Nugent has amassed a lot of wealth with an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Also increasing Ted’s pocket weight are his media appearances. Apart from making solo music and working with bands, Ted Nugent produced, hosted and appeared on several successful television shows/series including Ted Nugent Morning Show (1996 as host), Surviving Nugent (2003-2004 as host), Wanted: Ted or Alive (2005: host), Supergroup (2006: star), Miami Vice (1986: guest star), and Spirit of the Wild (as producer and star since 2001), among others. His musical works have also featured as the theme music in some TV shows, bringing in some decent earnings too.

Moreover, Ted has authored a number of books such as God, Guns and Rock ‘n’ Roll (2000) and Kill It and Grill It (2002). He also writes for various magazines and publications since the late 1990s. There is no doubt he must be making some significant sums from his writing career, thereby expanding his worth.

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His Height

Ted Nugent is 6 feet tall which is approximately equivalent to 1.83 meters. He has an athletic body build which weighs about 83 kilograms. Details about his other body measurements are not available at the moment.

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