Tehmeena Afzal
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One of the glamorous models that is making an impact on social media forums is no other than the gorgeous Tehmeena Afzal. She has joined the crop of models who have utilized the social media space to earn a tangible income for herself while gaining fame at the same time.

Our subject of discourse, Tehmeena started off as an athlete, her passion for the game and the exploits she recorded as a sportswoman earned her a college scholarship. When she was through with her college studies, Afzal ventured into music and later made her stints in modeling which however did augur well with her Pakistani roots. Her job as a model demanded that she pose unclad or scantily clothed.

Nonetheless, the online model has continued to ply her trade in the modeling industry regardless of what some people might feel about it. Learn more facts about her here.

Tehmeena Afzal – Bio

Tehmeena Afzal was born on March 27, 1982, in Queens, New York into a Pakistan conservative Muslim family. The family immigrated and settled in the United States of America years before her birth. She is of Middle Eastern Pakistani ethnicity and holds dual citizenship of Pakistan and America. The model was raised in Queens in New York where she began her educational journey. Although the details of her basic education are unknown at the moment, sources have it that she started participating in sports, notably, softball when she was just 8 and continued with it through her High school days.

At the completion of her high school studies, Tehmeena was announced as the best player in the city, state and was consequently crowned the female athlete of the year. Her exploits in sports in high school earned her scholarship into the New York Technology Institute in the year 2000 where she majored in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. Tehmeena graduated from the college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2004.

The Queens-born athlete – Tehmeena Afzal is not just gifted in sports, she is also gifted with a golden voice with which she uses to sing, compose and record good songs and mixtapes after her graduation from college. She created an urban music portal with the name Tehmeena where she uploaded her songs at the time. She would later venture into music videos which boosted her popularity in a twinkle of an eye. Many magazines spotted her unique sexy features and had her featured in their covers

Modeling Career

Following her appearance on music videos as a model which increased her popularity and fame, reputable magazine scouts found her worthy to grace their publications. Although her Muslim roots frowned at most of her nude pictures on magazines that she promoted as a model, she was not deterred to carry on with her career. Tehmeena Afzal has been recognized as one of the very few if not the only female of Pakistani heritage to have towed such path.

The 5 ft 3 inches tall (1.60m) model raises her head high as a glamour model and has been featured on popular magazines such as Miss Jet Set, Vogue and Elle, and many other ones. She once won the Miss Social of Non-Nude Monthly competition. Tehmeena has a large number of followers across her social media handles: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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Tehmeena Afzal’s Net Worth

From the very beginning, Tehmeena Afzal knew that to get to the top, she had to work extra hard. While in college, she worked as a car saleswoman and latter as a real estate agent before she ventured into modeling.

As a glamour model, Tehmeena reportedly earns about $100 per photoshoot, excluding her endorsements. In addition, reports also have it that she owns a beauty/cosmetics company known as Mesmerize By Meena, a well-known fragrance and cosmetic kit. Add all these together and the model will be worth a significant sum. At the moment, however, Tehmeena’s net worth is still under review but her accomplishments should be able to put her fortune in six figures.

Personal Life 

Right from the identity of her immediate parents to the details of her family background, Tehmeena has kept everything that concerns her personal life behind the curtains. She is reportedly married and has two sons, but the identity of her spouse and facts surrounding the marriage remain a hard nut to crack.  The names of her two children are Jaiden Blake and Aiden Blaise.

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