All The Teams Terrell Suggs Played For Before He Became a Free Agent and Why He Got Divorced

For sports stars, the news of their lives revolves around the sport they play, there are however cases where the bulk of the news on a sports star’s life has nothing to do with the sport they play. In the case of Terrell Suggs this has happened a lot in the years between 2009 and 2015. However, this is not to mean that Terrell Suggs is a name to disregard in the National Football League, far from it, he would have his praises sung for a very long time. Although he is a free agent now, the outside linebacker sits on a high pedestal among his counterparts.

Also known as T-Sizzle, Suggs has to his name many accolades and recognition which he acquired during his glory days. Born in Minneapolis Minnesota, Suggs started from a very young age to exhibit strength and tenacity and of course a strong passion for sports, most especially football. His first experience with football was in St. Paul Minnesota where he grew up. Terrell would play with different teams even while he attended high school and was always among the best.

Terrell Suggs’ Dynamic Journey From College to the NFL

The life stories of a majority of the people who play sports feature events that happened in their childhood which served as a premonition of the fact that they would have a career in sports. For Terrell Suggs, it was the youth football team he was part of while growing up that gave away his affinity to sports. He moved around a lot as a child and all the moves resulted in him getting into multiple schools. Regardless of this, he still found a way to play sport.

After attending different high schools, he proceeded to Arizona State University in 2000. It was when he went to college that he was able to commit to one institution’s football team. There, he joined the Arizona State Sun Devils football team where he recorded incredible exploits. For his outstanding records, he earned the first-team All-American title. As a defensive end for the Arizona Devils, he had 163 tackles and 44 quarterback sacks. In 2002 he set the NCAA record of 24 sacks in one season.

An Overview of His Spell At NFL Franchises

Terrell Suggs only spent two years at Arizona state university before he joined the 2003 NFL draft where he was picked in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens. For that year’s draft, he was the 10th overall pick. Being twenty years, he was one of the youngest people, as at that time, to ever be drafted as a defensive player in the NFL.

Baltimore Ravens

Playing for the Baltimore Ravens was his debut into the world of professional football. He was with this team for over 15 years. For the Baltimore Ravens, he managed to play in two positions, as a defensive end and an outside linebacker. The second position was assigned to him in 2005, this was also the year where his gameplay regressed and he stopped performing lower than he had done in previous seasons.

However, in the 2006 season, he got better and was on the NFL list for the best overall defense, with his 64 tackles- of which 46 were solo and 9.5 sacks. By 2008 Terrell Suggs was already showing indications that he was planning to become a free agent. In response to this Baltimore Ravens, put a franchise tag on him.

The tag bound him to the team for a year, but there were irregularities in the new contract. The team filed him as a linebacker and not a defensive end which was the original position he was employed to play, especially as the LB is cheaper than the DE. This was later sorted out by the team.

Arizona Cardinals

From 2010 to 2018, Suggs continued to make amazing records for the Ravens; the team had become a huge part of him and it seemed like he would never leave. But in March 2019 T Sizzle finally left the Baltimore Ravens. He got signed with the Arizona Cardinals during free agency. It was not going to be his first experience in Arizona since he had played high school and college football in the state.

A $7 million deal had been signed between Terrell Suggs and the Cardinals in March 2019. The season was moderately successful for him and in December of the same year, the team released him.

Kansas City Chiefs

He became a free agent again in December 2019 after he was released by the Cardinals. He immediately joined Kansas City Chiefs. Suggs’ contract with the Chiefs was signed 3 days after he was released by the Cardinals.

Earnings and Contracts Over The Years

Terrell Suggs’ career has lasted for close to two decades, and in that time, he has proven himself time and again that he is worth his salt. With several mouthwatering contracts over the years, he has amassed an enviable financial status. Although $7 million was guaranteed when he joined the Arizona Cardinals, It was a $10 million contract and he earned an annual salary of $5 million.

With the Baltimore Ravens where he spent most of his time, Suggs’ highest contract was said to be between 2009 to 2014 when he signed a whopping $62.5 million deal. He was at the time receiving about $10 million as his annual salary. The second highest was between 2014 to 2018 when he signed a $20.7 million contract.

Relationship with Candace Williams

Terrell Suggs
image source Terrell Suggs and Candace Williams

Terrell Suggs’ career has been relatively successful but the same cannot be said for his romantic relationships. He is known to have been romantically involved with one woman, Candace Williams.

The problems in their relationship came to light in 2009 when Williams accused Suggs of abusive behavior that included him throwing a soap dispenser at her and also pouring bleach on their son who was one at the time.

Another report in September of 2012 showed more abuse from Suggs where he dragged Williams out of a car while their two children watched.

A protective order was placed against him but was lifted by December. Two days after the order was lifted, the couple got married. However, by 2015 Williams filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery. The couple currently share joint custody of their two children, Duke and Dahni.

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