Terri Gowdy – Everything to Know about Trey Gowdy’s Wife

Terri Gowdy is a devoted wife, caring mother and a one-time beauty queen. Instead of pursuing her career as a beauty queen, Terri chose the noble teaching profession. The beautiful Terri is wife to Trey Gowdy (a lawyer, prosecutor, and popular Republican politician). Here is simply everything you need to know about her Gowdy’s life and career.

Terri Gowdy Biography

She was born Terri Dillard on the 11th of September 196. Her parents Frank and Pat Dillard raised her in a Christian home.

Her parents were devoted members of ‘First Baptist church in their home town of Spartanburg. Terri understood early, the value of cultivating a relationship with God. This relationship with God will later influence many of her most important life decisions and the quality of the family she would have.

Terri grew up to be very pretty and participated in various beauty pageants. She was a one time second runner-up in the ‘Miss South Carolina’ beauty pageant. She also wore the crown of ‘Miss Spartanburg’. It seemed like a promising modeling career for young Terri.

Despite her successes in the different beauty pageants, Terri Gowdy reaching a crossroad in her life decided to pursue a different career path. She chose to become a teacher instead. She began her teaching career as a teaching assistant. Gowdy is presently a first-grade teacher with Anderson Mill Elementary school, Spartanburg.


One of the important lessons Terri learned in church is that walking in purpose is one of the surest ways of achieving success in life. Terri met her husband during a youth program in church. They became friends and soon began to date before finally getting married in 1989.

Terri has built her family and raised her children on the solid Christian faith. Trey once said in an interview that Terri is the “most Christ-like person” he has ever known. She also doesn’t hesitate to boast about her husband’s relationship with God. She reveals he has a great memory and can quote almost any scripture without referring to the bible.

The wife of the congressman is also very supportive of his endeavors. She has taken the back seat when it comes to the media and decidedly held down the home front so Trey could have a successful legal and political career.

Terri Gowdy’s teaching career also gave her the opportunity to be at home and raise the children while her husband was occupied with politics. It’s not impossible that Trey might not have achieved all his success if he didn’t have a woman like Terri by his side.

It is worth mentioning that Terri isn’t new to the political scene as her father (Frank Dillard) who was an army veteran also served as Councilman for Spartanburg County.

Trey announced his retirement from politics in January 2018. He hopes to spend quality time with his family and enter private practice.


Terri Gowdy
Terri Gowdy and kids Abigail and Watson (image source)

Trey and Terri Gowdy have two children. Watson Gowdy (son) was born in 1983 and Abigail Watson (daughter) was born in 1998.

Watson studied at Clemson University and went to Washington School of Law. Abigail, on the other hand, studied at South Carolina University with plans to attend law school. The children are both grown and seem to be following their father’s footstep.

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Terri claims that their faith as parents has influenced their children. She admits that her husband has taught their children not to make hasty judgments and think deep on issues of life and faith.

Quick Facts

1. Terri Gowdy has a soft spot for animals (dogs especially). They have 3 dogs in the family named Judge, Jury, and Bailiff.

2. The beautiful Terri is not active on social media. In this internet age where everyone shares pictures and posts online, there are scarcely any pictures of Terri on social media. The few ones available are the ones she took with her family and weren’t shared by Terri. She is very protective of her family and might not trust the internet.

3. Terri was born in 1961 while her husband was born in 1964. She is about three years older than her husband but one could never tell from their relationship.

4. Terri has spent most of her life in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Terri is somewhat a homebody. She was born in Spartanburg, she grew up there, got married and has raised her children in the same city.

5. When Trey was a prosecutor, Terri, and the kids had to be on all-round security due to his high profile cases, they received lots of threats.


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