Thando Thabethe Nearly Found a Husband in Frans Mashao – A Look At Their Time Together

South African actress, Thando Thabethe and businessman, Frans Mashao’s love and breakup story has become one of the most talked-about topics about the former couple. This is not surprising considering the fact they looked so happy together and seemed to have developed a chemistry that often translates into a happy marriage.

While they dated, their romance was highly publicized as fans were let in on their incredible journey of love. However, things fell apart for the lovebirds, and their fans were left in disbelief when their love story ended in a rather stunning manner.

Thando Thabethe First Met Frans Mashao On A Yacht

Speaking about how they met, Thabethe explained that it all happened when she went for a media event in 2013. It is not exactly clear where this media event took place but she explained that they were on a yacht when she bumped into Frans Mashao at the event.

Thabethe was stricken by Mashao during their first meeting especially because of his sense of humor. She revealed that when Mashso met her, he made her laugh by making fun of her toes. She found him funny and when he asked for her number, she did not hesitate to give it to him.

After the media event, Frans Masho and Thando Thabethe made contact and met up in Johannesburg. They got talking and began developing feelings for each other. It was not long before they started dating.

The Love Birds Didn’t Hide Their Romance

When she started dating Frans Mashao, Thando Thabethe did not hide it at all. She openly showed the man off on her social media handles and the man did the same. Because of her line of career as an actress and a media personality, Thando Thabethe has always been a public figure who has fans constantly trying to pry into her private life. So, when she started posting about her man online, her social media followers immediately caught the clue and realized she was in love.

Thando Thabethe
Thando Thabethe and Frans Mashao

Thabethe often posted photos of Mashao on social media showing them posing very affectionately together. She later explained that she didn’t hide her relationship with Frans Mashao because she wanted people to know she was happy and because she is no different from other people who show off their partners simply because they love them.

Frans Mashao Proposed To Thando Thabethe Without A Ring 

With fans admiring their relationship and always discussing it on social media, Thando Thabethe and Frans Masho continued dating for four years before they became engaged in 2017. How Masho proposed to Thabethe soon became the talk of social media has the business man did it in the most unconventional way.

Explaining how it happened, Thabethe revealed that Mashao popped the big question during a trip they made to Ibiza, Spain. She narrated that she was actually on a work trip and did not expect that he would propose to her. Also, Mashao had not planned on proposing to her either, so ordinarily, he did not come with a ring. Either ways, the proposal happened

However, one Thursday night, they were together talking and their conversation became so deep that Mashao felt it was just the right time to propose so he knelt down and asked Thabethe to be his wife. She accepted even though he did not have a ring for her at the time. Eventually, when they got back from Spain, Frans Mashao got a diamond ring designed for Thando Thabethe.

As expected, Thando Thabethe took to social media to show off her ring and tell all her fans that she was engaged. The announcement sparked a frenzy as fans and her fellow media personalities and celebrities took to her page to wish her well. However, she has since deleted the photos for obvious reasons.

How Thabethe And Mashao Shocked Admirers With Their Breakup

Even though everything seemed to be going just fine for the couple, behind the scene, it wasn’t all that rosy between them. Rumors that the couple had broken up began to spread in June 2018, less than a year after they got engaged. The rumors intensified when Thabethe was seen without her engagement ring and fans and admirers quickly took note. However, neither of the couple spoke about the matter.

Eventually, Thabethe confirmed that she had broken up with Mashao. However, she remained silent on the reason why they broke up. According to her, she does not feel she needs to tell anyone. She also admitted that the breakup was painful but she had not given up on love and was hoping to find the right man soon.

Thando Thabethe
Thando Thabethe and Frans Mashao

Mashao Reportedly Caused the Breakup

Neither Frans Mashao nor Thando Thabethe has talked about why they broke up and called off their engagement. However, some reports have claimed that it was Mashao who caused the debacle of the relationship because he cheated on Thabethe.

The reports claimed that Thabethe found out Mashao was cheating on her with multiple women and decided to call it quit. It was also alleged that Thabethe’s friends had been warning her about Mashao for some time but she did not listen to them. However, things got out of hand when she saw for herself that Mashao was cheating on her.

Of course, these claims have not been verified as they have not been addressed by the former couple.

Did They Get Back Together?

In late 2018, there were reports that Thando Thabethe and Frans Mashao had gotten back together. A report by Move! Magazine claimed that the couple got back together after Thabethe begged Mashao to take her back. The report said Mashao had agreed to take Thabethe but that the couple had decided to keep details of their romance private this time.

However, in early 2019, Thabethe flatly denied being back with Mashao. According to her, she was done with that chapter of her life.

Thando Thabethe And Frans Mashao Are Heavyweights In Their Respective Careers

It is important to point out that Thando Thabethe and Frans Mashao are very successful people in their respective careers and they have each managed to command respect in what they do.

How Thabethe Gained Respect As A Media Personality

Thando Thabethe is an actress and media personality who has gained fame and respect as an exciting radio DJ and television host in South Africa. Born on 18 June 1990, Thabethe has gone on to do exploits in the world of entertainment in South Africa.

She started her career in radio in 2008 by working at UJFM, a community radio station before she moved to YFM, a popular youth radio station in 2011. She now works as a radio DJ on 5FM, a popular FM radio station in South Africa.

As a TV host, Thando Thabethe has hosted the South African Film and Television Awards. She equally hosted the South African Music Awards in 2016 and has starred in a number of movies and TV series. From 2008 to 2010, she starred in the sitcom, My Perfect Family. In 2013, she played Sazi in the drama series, Kowethu and in 2019, she played the lead role of Zinhle Malinga in Love Lives Here, a romantic comedy film among many others.

Apparently, Thando has done well for herself over the years and has garnered quite a large number of fans in those years.

Frans Mashao Founded Wize Empire

Frans Mashao is a South African businessman who is also a media strategist. A quick look at his LinkedIn profile shows the man is actually a qualified communications professional. He is also the Founder of Wize Empire, a business empire with several companies under it. Some of these companies include Sefala Strategic Solutions and Wise Communications. Wise Communications is a media agency that was created to enable organizations to build more rewarding relationships with their audience.

Having garnered a wealth of knowledge through his experiences working for various agencies before starting his own business, Frans Mashao has been able to make a name for himself as a strategist and is quite popular in South Africa.

Mashao’s social media handles have attracted quite a large following as fans follow him to monitor his every move.

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