The Best Telkom Data Bundles, Their Prices and Other Data Deals You Can Save Money On

Internet access is a necessity in the 21st century, so much that it is considered a human right by the United Nations. However, unlike other human rights, it is not free, which is why telecom companies like Telkom offer data bundles affordable to anyone across all income brackets.

The telecom company has various data plans that cater to all kinds of internet needs. Be it social media, streaming, and downloads or business, Telkom has some of the best data bundles on the market.

Telkom Has Six Affordable Data Bundles

One of Telkom’s benefits is the array of options available to users when it comes to data bundles. The telecom company has six bundles: FreeMe, Social, Night Surfer Once-Off, Monthly, Once-Off, and Time-Based bundles.

All of them cater to different kinds of customers, whether you are looking for short term or long term usage. Here is a thorough dissection of each bundle and why it is the right option for you.

FreeMe Bundles

The Telkom FreeMe data bundles are one of the most popular bundles under the network. One reason why is its inclusivity. Subscribing to one plan under this bundle comes with benefits voice call minutes, SMS bundles, and dedicated data to social networks like WhatsApp and YouTube. There are six plans under this bundle, all of which come with varying sizes of benefits.

FreeMe Plan Price Data WhatsApp (MB/GB) Streaming Data (MB) On-Net Calling Minutes (Telkom and Landline) Off-Net Calling Minutes (Calls to other Networks) SMS
800MB R99 500MB 150 150 500 15 50
1.5GB R139 1GB 250 250 500 25 100
3GB R189 2GB 500 500 1000 50 200
6GB R249 4GB 1GB 1GB 1000 100 400
11.5 GB R299 7.5GB 2GB 2GB 1000 200 800
28GB R689 20GB 4GB 4GB 3000 1000 2000


The above is what you will get for each FreeMe Bundle plan. Data allocated to the new FreeMe plans will expire at the end of two consecutive calendar months after subscription. Data for WhatsApp and Data for Streaming will expire at the end of the current month of allocation.

Each data plan is one of the best deals on the Telkom network because it is essentially paying for several services in one. With a base price of R99, it is affordable enough for most users and represents good value for money.

The downside to the FreeMe Telkom data bundle is they are suited for those with heavy data usage. Its biggest general data offering is 20GB, and at R689, it is expensive and might not be enough. For this category of users, Telkom’s other data deals might be more attractive.

Monthly Data Bundles

For users who prefer paying for data once a month and want more data for money, the Telkom monthly data deal is worth some consideration. It offers data from as low as 25MB to 10GB a month, with a fair price for each plan. The monthly data plans are as follows –

        25MB for R7.25          1GB for R99
        50MB for R14.50          2GB for R139
        100MB for R29          3GB for R199
        250MB for R39          5GB for R299
        500MB for R69          10GB for R499


Salary earners or students who prefer having one-time payment for their data budget needs will likely appreciate this bundle more. The data allocation is for casual and modest internet users, with leftover data from the previous month rolled into the next. Heavy users might find their needs are better aligned with Telkom’s Night Surfer data bundle.

Night Surfer Once-Off Data Bundles

Price: R149

This Telkom bundle offers 100GB of data over 31 days from the date of activation. It is a once-off data bundle, i.e., you will have to resubscribe after expiration. The bundle costs R149 and is only usable between 12 AM and 7 AM.

If you are a heavy user who does not mind staying up in the dead of night to explore all you need on the internet, this is a great deal for you. However, it is worth noting that there is no data rollover. Whatever you leave unused before the data plan’s expiration will not roll over to your next subscription.

However, there is a notable downside. The 100GB Night Surfer bundle comes with a Fair Usage Policy. It means once you have reached 30GB in a month, your internet speed will be throttled to 128kbps. Still, users will get to enjoy 30GB at R149 at maximum speed.

Once-off Data Bundles

Telkom Data Bundles
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If you are not a fan of the fair usage policy and want maximum speed at all times, then the Once-Off data bundle is worth considering. Customers have access to 13 plans ranging from 25MB to 100GB, and you can choose based on your data needs and budget.

However, compared to other deals, this Telkom data bundle is quite pricey, especially at the top of the list, which might discourage those with leaner budgets. Here are the plans for this bundle –

  • 25MB for R7.30
  • 50MB for R14.65
  • 100MB for R29.25
  • 250MB for R39.95
  • 500MB for R69.50
  • 2GB (1GB Anytime + 1GB Night Surfer) for R100
  • 4GB (2GB Anytime + 2GB Night Surfer) for R140
  • 6GB (3GB Anytime + 3GB Night Surfer) for R201
  • 10GB (5GB Anytime + 5GB Night Surfer) for R301
  • 20GB (10GB Anytime + 10GB Night Surfer) for R505
  • 20GB (Anytime) for R905
  • 50GB for R1815
  • 100GB for R3227

The 2GB to 20GB have night surfer plans and lasts for two months from the date of activation. The 20GB plans have a validity of 6 months, while the 50GB and 100GB plans are valid for 12 months.

Overall, it is a bundle that has something for all categories of data users. Casual and heavy users have options that cater to their respective priorities.

Time-Based Data Bundles

If you are not a fan of staying up but still want a significant amount of data at a low price, consider the Telkom Time-based Data Bundles. As the name suggests, they are data plans usable within a time frame. It is especially great if you have access to Wi-Fi and only need personal data on limited occasions.

There are four plans under this bundle –

  • Hourly Data Bundle: 75MB/hour for R5
  • Daily Data Bundle: 150MB/day for R10
  • Weekend Data Bundle: 500MB/weekend (Friday midnight – Sunday midnight) for R39
  • Weekend Data Bundle: 1GB/weekend (Friday midnight – Sunday midnight) for R59

Social Bundles

For those whose entire data needs are limited to social media, Telkom has a specialized data bundle for you too. The Social Bundle has three main categories – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, with various data sizes available to choose from.

Daily Social Bundle (Valid for 24 Hours) –

  • 25MB for R2
  • 50MB for R3
  • 75MB for R4
  • 100MB for R5
  • 250MB for R10
  • 500MB f0r R15

Weekly Social Bundle (Valid for 7 Days) –

  • 75MB for R5
  • 100MB for R8
  • 250MB for R12
  • 500MB for R18
  • 1GB for R35
  • 2GB for R60

Monthly Social Bundle (Valid for 31 days) –

  • 100MB for R10
  • 250MB for R15
  • 500MB for R25
  • 1GB for R40
  • 2GB for R70
  • 3GB for R100

With these plans, you can access Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter. Others include Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. While they are cheap and attractive, note that you cannot access other parts of the internet with these plans.

How Do I Get Cheap Data on Telkom?

Cheap data is relative. Each of the listed Telkom data bundles is affordable, tailored to each pocket size. You can get any one of them through four methods.

  1. Buy via the Telkom mobile app
  2. Visit the Telkom Self Service Portal on their website.
  3. Dial *180# on your phone and select your preferred bundle purchase
  4. Walk into any Telkom store nationwide and buy

Other Data Deals Worth Considering on Telkom

Telkom Data Bundles
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If you are not a fan of any of the above-listed deals, here are some other Telkom data plans you can subscribe to.

Mobile Data Plans

These are plans usable on your Telkom network and roaming partner network. You will be able to transfer data to any subscriber on the Telkom network. It is a cheap alternative for anyone who wants data on the go. Every bundle in this category comes with an equivalent untransferable night surfer data. They are also cheaper and offer way more value for money.

  • 1GB (1GB anytime + 1GB Night Surfer) for R40
  • 2GB (2GB anytime + 2GB Night Surfer) for R60
  • 4GB (4GB anytime + 4GB Night Surfer) for R100
  • 6GB (6GB anytime + 6GB Night Surfer) for R129
  • 10GB (10GB anytime + 10GB Night Surfer) for R200
  • 14GB (14GB anytime + 14GB Night Surfer) for R259
  • 20GB (20GB anytime + 20GB Night Surfer) for R355

How Much is Unlimited Data for Telkom?

Although there are large data plans in the regular Telkom data and voice bundles, none of them is unlimited. However, there is an unlimited data option on its SmartBroadband Wireless service. SmartBroadband Wireless is a service for use in a fixed location to connect and surf the internet.

Subscription to SmartBroadband Wireless Unlimited plan is subject to the availability of Telkom’s LTE network coverage. Customers who wish to use this service will have to determine if they fall within Telkom’s LTE coverage area by:

If Telkom LTE is available in your area, you can subscribe to the Unlimited Data plan. There are two packages, the Unlimited LTE Business Hours package and the Unlimited LTE All Hours. The former is for users between 12 AM and 5 PM, while the former spans 24 hours.

Unlimited LTE Business Hours costs R599 per month and comes with:

  • Voice calls at R0.70 to all networks
  • AEG Solo Classic Style 5 Handset

Unlimited LTE All Hours costs R899 per month and comes with:

  • Voice calls at R0.70 to all networks
  • Voice over LTE calls
  • AEG Solo Classic Style 5 Handset

To subscribe, you can visit the Telkom self-service online portal or your nearest store.

Can You Get 10GB for R100 on Telkom?

There has been much ado about Telkom’s R100 for 10GB bundle, which is significantly cheaper than several of the listed plans. However, it is worth noting that unlike the above plans, which are regular Telkom voice and data bundles, the R100 for 10GB plan is for SmartBroadband Wireless users.

Once you have established coverage in your area, you will need to migrate to the Smart Broadband Wireless prepaid plan. To do that –

  • Dial *180#
  • Select option 5: tariff change
  • Select option 2: change current tariff
  • Chose option 2: Smart Broadband wireless prepaid
  • Select option 1: to change your tariff to Smart Broadband wireless prepaid

You can subscribe to it by:

  • dialing *180# and select the bundle
  • use Telkom’s Self-Service portal
  • via the Telkom app
  • visit any Telkom store near you.

Which Telkom Tariff is the Best for Data?

Telkom has two tariff plans, Telkom More and Telkom SIM-Sonke. The former is the default plan when you buy your new Telkom Prepaid SIM card. With this tariff, you can twice the airtime you recharge with R5 or more, and you can use your extra airtime on data anytime. Data is charged at 29c per MB on Telkom More.

On Telkom SIM-Sonke, data is equally charged at 29c per MB. Without a bundle, both Telkom SIMs offer the same data benefit. However, SIM-Sonke offers additional benefits with reduced call and SMS rates. With SIM-Sonke, customers make voice calls at –

  • Telkom to Telkom for 30c per min
  • Telkom to other networks for 75c per min

Compared to R1.90 per minute to Telkom and other networks, SIM-Sonke offers an overall better value for money. To migrate to SIM-Sonke, Telkom customers should –

  • Visit the nearest Telkom outlet
  • Dial *180# and follow the prompt

Newly subscribed SIM-Sonke users also have access to the free calls promo and can access this by –

  • Choose option 7 from the Telkom Mobile Account Menu
  • Select your pick from the promo at R5 for one day’s access and R20 for seven days access
  • Choose option 1 to confirm your purchase.
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