The Best Vodacom Fiber Deals, Packages, and Their Prices in 2020

Vodacom Fiber deals are hugely popular in South Africa and over 30 African countries, with Vodacom being one of the continent’s biggest telecommunications companies. Vodacom Fiber offers high-speed broadband connectivity with a speed limit of 4Mbps – 100Mbps. There is a wide range of options for customers to choose from as Vodacom typically partners with other networks to provide fiber services to interested customers. Vodacom acts as an internet service provider and hosts a range of networks on its platform. These networks include Vumatel and Open Serve/Telkom. However, the type of package(s) you qualify for depends on your residential area and the type of fiber coverage available there.

List of Available Vodacom Fiber Deals

If you are a customer considering Vodacom as a real option for your fiber needs, the list below details the available Vodacom Fiber packages. As stated earlier, Vodacom acts as an internet service provider and partners with other networks to ensure you have access to the internet. The available network and fiber packages will depend on the area you wish to use the fiber network. We have split this list into the different providers along with their speed and prices.

Fiber Deals with Open Serve

  • 10Mbps Fiber Package – this package comes with a peak download speed of 10Mbps and a peak upload speed of 5Mbps. It costs R655 per month to subscribe to this package. It is the cheapest package under the Open Serve platform.
  • 20Mbps Fiber Package – this option comes with an upload speed of 10Mbps and a download speed of 20Mbps. It costs R849 per month.
  • 40Mbps Fiber Package – with a peak upload speed of 20Mbps and a peak download speed of 40Mbps, this Open Serve package is ultra-fast. You have to part with R1110 per month to enjoy access to such remarkable speed.
  • 100Mbps Fiber Package – this is the fast and most expensive Open Serve fiber package. It has a scarcely believable upload speed of 50Mbps and a download speed of 100Mbps. It does not come cheap, though, as it costs a whopping R1315 every month.

Fiber Deals with Vuma

With Vumatel, there exist two different sub-packages of each package. It means there are two versions of every fiber deal available under this Vodacom-Vuma network. The main difference between both options is the upload speed. The option with the lower upload speed comes cheaper. So if you seek to save some money and do not mind the reduced upload speed, you could plump for the more affordable option. See the lists below:

  • 10Mbps Fiber Package – the cheaper option comes with an upload speed of 2Mbps and a download speed of 10Mbps, while the more expensive option has a peak upload speed of 10Mbps and the same download speed. The cheaper option costs R669 per month while the other option goes for R769.
  • 20Mbps Fiber Package – again, the cheaper option comes with an upload speed of 2Mbps but has a download speed of 20Mbps, and it costs R849 per month. The other option has upload and download speeds of 20Mbps. It costs R899 every month.
  • 50Mbps Fiber Package – one option has an upload speed of 5Mbps and a maximum download speed of 50Mbps, and it goes for R1049 per month. The other option has upload and download speeds of 50Mbps and costs R1099 for a month.
  • 100Mbps Fiber Package – with an upload speed of 10Mbps and a download speed of 100Mbps, this cheaper option costs R1199 per month. The more expensive option has a consistent upload and download speed of 100Mbps. You will have to shell out R1249 every month.
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Fiber Deals with FrogFoot

Best Vodacom Fiber Deals
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Vodacom’s partnership with FrogFoot has a more expansive range of fiber deals for customers compared to previous networks. They have fiber options that begin at 5Mbps. Once it gets to the 20Mbps package, they start offering dual choices similar to Vumatel. The significant difference between both options is the upload speed. Check the available options below:

  • 5Mbps Fiber Package – has upload and download speed of 5Mbps and costs R609 per month.
  • 10Mbps Fiber Package – this package has a uniform upload and download speed of 10Mbps and costs R659 every month.
  • 20Mbps Fiber Package – the cheaper option has an upload speed of 2Mbps and a download speed of 20Mbps, and it costs R759. The other option costs R819 every month and comes with a uniform download and upload speed of 20Mbps.
  • 50Mbps Fiber Package – with a 5Mbps upload speed and 50Mbps download speed, the first option in this package goes for R859 per month. The other option costs R909 every month and has a maximum download and upload speed of 50Mbps.
  • 100Mbps Fiber Package – option 1 has an upload speed of 10Mbps and a download speed of 100Mbps. It costs R959 per month. Option 2 goes for R1009 and has a peak download and upload speed of 100Mbps.
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Fiber Package with TT Connect

There are just four packages under the TT Connect network. Check the table below to see them, along with their speed and price.

Package Speed Price (R)
10 Mbps 10Mbps download and upload 629
20 Mbps 20Mbps download and upload 829
50 Mbps 50Mbps download and upload 929
100 Mbps 100Mbps download and upload 1129

Fiber Package with SA Digital Villages

Similar to the TT Connect packages, the Vodacom fiber deals under the SA Digital Villages network are also just four and are in the table below:

Package Speed Price (R)
10Mbps Fiber Package 10Mbps 604.25 per month
20Mbps Fiber Package 20Mbps 806.1 per month
50Mbps Fiber Package 50Mbps 1007.76 per month
100Mbps Fiber Package 100Mbps 1512.15 per month
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How to Check if You have Vodacom Fiber Coverage in your Area

As stated earlier in the article, the kind of package and network you can subscribe to depends on your area’s network coverage. Before you can browse through the available fiber options, you have to check to see the type of coverage in your area. To determine this, follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the website
  2. When the page loads, you will be required to enter your residential address
  3. Enter it and select the nearest or closest address to your exact location
  4. A result will pop up notifying you of the types of network coverage available in your area and the ones you can order.

Advantage of Vodacom Fiber Deals

  1. The internet is super fast and better than most of the competitors’
  2. There is typically no cost for installation and activation of your router
  3. While waiting for your fiber to be ready, you can surf the net freely for one month free of charge
  4. Vodacom fiber’s glass cabling is more secure and durable than the copper cable used for ADSL. The latter is more vulnerable to theft.
  5. The customer support service is for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Which means you can always reach out for help at any time of the day.

Disadvantages of Vodacom Fiber

  1. You may have customer service issues after you have been connected, according to reviews by some customers.
  2. The prices are higher compared to other deals in the market.

You can contact the Vodacom support service team by calling them on 0821904 for assistance with your account. To complain about connectivity issues, send a mail to [email protected].

Why Choose Fiber over WiFi?

Some customers might be wondering why they should plum for fiber over the more familiar option of WiFi. In case you are one of those, the reasons below tell you why you should plum for Fiber over WiFi.

  1. Fiber is far more reliable than WiFi when it comes to connecting to the internet. Fiber-optic cables are not susceptible to interference and can produce ultra-fast speed.
  2. Fiber is much easier and faster to connect, which means you will be set up and ready to go in a quicker amount of time than with copper cables.
  3. Fiber also requires less maintenance cost, which means over time, it will cost you less to use Fiber than any other internet connection method.
  4. Fiber also has a stronger connection quality. The signal strength is always superior, and you do not have to worry much about signal availability.
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