The Dangers Of Acting Tough That Men Must Avoid

It is true that in Africa, a man is generally expected to be stronger and tougher than a woman. Save for a few dispersed cultures, a lot of widely held African beliefs put a lot of pressure on men to be strong and able. As much as this is often not a bad thing, there are levels that it can be taken to where it becomes detrimental to the individual male who is trying to keep up with society’s view of who a man should be.

So as much as men continue to display the characteristic toughness by being self reliant, brave, emotionally stoic, physically enduring and whatever else should feature in this list, they must avoid these few things any way they can.

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Believing You Are And Acting Invincible:

When you act invincible you give people the impression that you will never need their help all in the bid to be the man. This is a tough position to box yourself into as we all eventually need help at one time or the other. If something beyond your control does come along, you may find it excessively difficult to put yourself in the position to ask for help and you may even have estranged some would be helpers with your insistent show of macho. Of course you should not be perceived as completely helpless, but make sure the balance is there and you are not projecting an invincible image.


Denying Or Ignoring The Presence Of Health Issues:

Diseases and sicknesses generally do not respect macho. If there is pain or discomfort either physically or mentally, seek help from the appropriate corners. Do not stone face it away and when you do go to get help, do not hold back vital details that will help whoever you are seeing get to the root of the problem. Bare it all at threats of physical or mental health challenges.

Never Showing Emotions Especially To Family:

You cannot expect people to open up to you when you are not open. Show emotions around people you are close to, let them be able to tell what makes you happy, or sad and not only what makes you angry. When you do this people are not moved to hide their own emotions around you and you give them a chance to know you better.

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