The Dark Side Of Wikipedia

For students or everybody who requires a little bit of information on practically any topic, Wikipedia often provides a start-up knowledge base. It’s really nothing to be ashamed about since the goal of its initial creators was the provision of free knowledge and Wikipedia has indeed risen over the years to become the largest free online encyclopedia.

We could sit here and just trade stories on how Wikipedia has helped us out of a number of fixes, from due assignments, to verification of quick retorts, but while this article concedes to the great help that Wikipedia has provided this generation, it alludes to one lesser known fact about its founder Jimmy Wales, and one about the encyclopedia itself which should encourage the reader to go further whilst researching topics.

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Wikipedia’s early launch was made partly possible by money obtained from a sleazy porn network: Jimmy Wales had run a dot-com bust site called Bomis that promoted nude images and other soft core pornography. With many attempts over the years to quell this fact, including alterations of Bomis Wikipedia entry, the page now currently admits that Bomis “focus[ed] on X-rated media,” and included “erotic images,” “adult pictures” and other “explicit material.”


Wikipedia is widely touted to be run by volunteers but is actually edited by corporately funded trolls: This is a very important thing to know because most of the supposed volunteers are paid by drug companies, food giants and biotech industries. What this would point to is an abuse of editing privileges that may manifest in censoring of information they would not like the public to see about their companies. Anonymous editing is also allowed across Wikipedia which means that any information can be altered by corporate trolls or anyone else to benefit their interests. This information is very important because Wikipedia cannot be your last port of call for information especially when it’s science related.

The purpose of this article is simply to disabuse the reader of the notion that Wikipedia is a once for all stop for reliable information, the online encyclopedia has actually been banned by an Illinois university for use in student projects for what the governing body deemed biased, inaccurate information. So while it would be ignorant to consider Wikipedia anything less than a force in information gathering forays in this day and age, it is necessary for us to go farther in our search for pertinent, reliable information.

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