The French President's Hairdresser

The French President’s Hairdresser is paid a gross salary of 9,895 euros, or $10,958, a month by the state.

He is in the employ of the state to cut the President’s hair and makes more than what some people make in a year.

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His salary is actually only a third less than President Francois Hollande’s own salary and is definitely above the gross monthly wage of a European Parliament member.

He makes 9,895 euros while an European parliament member makes about 8,213 euros minus expenses and the president himself has a gross salary of 14,910 euros per month, excluding bonuses and perks.

The French President's Hairdresser

Details of the actual salary of the French president’s hairdresser was confirmed by the government after satirical magazine Canard Enchaine published details of the terms, including an image of his contract.

In defense or rather, a simple explanation, Stephane Le Foll, the government spokesman, said after the weekly cabinet meeting at the Elysee Palace Wednesday in Paris;

“Everyone needs their hair done, no? I can understand people’s questions, I can understand their judgments. He’s not just anybody, that’s all.”

People are more agitated about the confirmed details because President Hollande during campaign time in 2012 had made a promise to be a ‘normal ‘head of state.

This was after his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, had earned himself the label of the ‘bling-bling’ president for his Ray-Ban sunglasses and fancy vacations, so the French people had needed a simpler leader.

Another issue that highlights the inappropriateness of the revelation of the salary of the French president’s hairdresser is the fact that it comes at a time when President Hollande is seeking to push through a bill that would shrink workers’ benefits and make firings easier.

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The comparison to cabinet members and the President may not drive home the absurdity of the salary to some, so we have taken the liberty of converting the figure to some African currencies;

  • In the Nigerian Naira: 3,116,473.05
  • In the South African Rand: 157,734.26
  • In the Ghanaian Cedi: 43,144.20
  • In Kenyan Shilling: 1,113,858.17

There you have it, the hairdresser’s contract does require him to be on call at all times so President Hollande’s hair must be quite superb with the type of care and attention that warrants such salary.