Nigeria’s Imafidon Twins Offered Admission In 60 Schools

The Nigerian Imafidon family is studded with child prodigies. They have been trending in academics in the United Kingdom – setting astounding paces for the world. It is reported that as an addition to an already excellent standard the Imafidon twins have been offered admission into 60 reputable institutions in the United Kingdom. They sat for about 34 GCSEs – a pre-requisite exam taken before proceeding to university – and came out in flying colors. In the description of BET;

The Imafidons are Britain’s smartest family and have become international models of academic achievement.

The Imafidons have the jaw dropping record of completing their education in flying colors and way younger than expected of their mates; they all made it into the world’s best educational institutions at an unusual age.

From Anne-Marie, to Samantha, Christina, down to the twins, their records have been too daunting for comprehension. For instance, the wonder fraternal twins were the youngest students in Britain to enroll into the secondary school at the age of 6, it’s so unbelievable but true. Be it computing, mathematics, medicine, they are there in spitting excellence, just like the fireworks that they are.

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On the side, the inseparable Imafidon twins also have interests in music and sports. According to Paula Imafidon,

It wasn’t really studying, because we saw learning as a game… Especially when you’re watching videos, listening to podcasts and explaining concepts to other people who don’t understand them.

Peter, who was chosen by FIFA to play in Under 16’s FIFA Football Championship in Germany, extended his gratitude as he attributed a portion of their success to the Excellence in Education non-profit group.

I am so thankful for the work of the Excellence in Education for their unique methods of teaching and training that brings out the genius in every student… The mentorship is second to none in scholarship, sports or music.

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