The Interesting Story of How King Kaka Met His Wife Nana Owiti and The Family They Built Together

Kenyan rap artist King Kaka met his partner Nana Owiti in a movie shop. According to her, she was the one who made the first move on him but allowed herself to be chased by Kaka who took up the challenge and came up with the pick-up line: “I love your toes.” Owiti later cut the chase and allowed herself to succumb and settle down with the musician. Today, they have two lovely children to show for their years together, however, Kaka was already a father from his previous relationship with singer Sage.

How Nana Owiti Made a Move On King Kaka

There are cases of so many female celebrities who made the first move on their spouses but kept it to themselves. However, in the case of Nana Owiti, she was not just bold enough to make the first move but was able to bring it to the public arena through her social media. Though Nana didn’t elaborate on how she went about getting the Kenyan rapper’s attention, she made it known to ladies that being the first to approach a guy did not kill her but instead landed her in a good place.

Being the natural hunter like all men, Kaka took up from there and did the chasing himself. All these happened at a movie shop where their path crossed for the first time. Nana said she was decked out in a short black gown with black sandals to match, hair tied back, toes manicured, and balm on her lip. According to her, King Kaka used the pick-up line: “I love your toes” to finally get her interest; she revealed this through a birthday message she shared on her socials.

Owiti also let on the reason she and Kaka don’t follow each other both on Facebook and the picture-sharing platform, Instagram. She said they took the conscious decision to unfriend each other on Facebook as it might breed a situation that may likely expose their relationship to scrutiny and trial from the public. The couple has been cohabiting for many years now and their union has been blessed with a couple of kids.

King Kaka
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The Couple Married Years After They Welcomed Their Kids

After they had lived together for many years as a couple and have become parents to two beautiful children, King Kaka finally popped the big question to his baby mama Nana sometime in 2018. The rapper went the whole mile by going down on one knee to propose and of course, he got his answer in the affirmative and much more.

Reports say some of King Kaka’s fans witnessed his proposal which is an indication that it was conducted in the full glare of the public. The mood of the scene was further reported to be very romantic with “Bebi Bebi”, Atemi’s love song playing in the background. It was a moment that fans have been anticipating for years and they are glad it finally came to pass. On his own part, Kaka said they started their journey in his early days in the music industry.

King Kaka’s Wife is Somewhat of a Celebrity Just Like Him

Nana Owiti is a TV presenter today but growing up, she was that poor little girl who had to sleep on leaves because her family couldn’t afford the luxury of buying a mattress. Back then, the rain was like a curse to the family as it means that they won’t have access to their leafy bed for the night. Thus, every clap of thunder would bring her running back from school with the speed of lightning just to pluck enough leaves for their bedding before the heavens open.

King Kaka’s wife would go on to spend her growing up years in abject want and penury. Life was really rough for her during her formative years where she describes herself as being an unkempt young girl, a despondent little human, and a hopeless lass who never once dreamed that life will ever change for the better. However, in a weird way, she experienced a rare happiness inside even in the midst of penury.

Owiti had to contend with walking to school barefooted even when the ground was scorching hot. She recalls becoming a sprinter by default, running home from school daily with all her might just to escape the blazing sun. The grueling journey would lead her to find a little solace under the trees, resting her feet a bit before moving on. Yet, her tactics didn’t prevent her feet from cracking, and of course, the scales followed. She was desperate for shoes to curtail the ravaging on the soles of her feet but none was forthcoming.

Despite all her struggles, Nana Owiti kept hope alive, always motivated to change the course of her life which she has achieved by sheer hard work. The mother of two ascribed it all to the dreams and ambitions in the eyes of that little girl that had to walk barefoot on the scorching ground to and fro school every day. Today, she works with Switch TV as a co-host on the program ChatSpot.

Kaka and Nana Now Have Two Kids But She Suffered a Miscarriage with Her First Pregnancy

King Kaka’s spouse narrated the ordeal she had to face during their early days together. Her first pregnancy according to her ended in a miscarriage. She headed to the hospital with Kaka after she saw blood stains while in the washroom. An ultrasound later revealed that her baby has been dead for weeks.

While in the ER for medical evacuation, Nana mustered enough courage to ask where she went wrong. She was told that many reasons ranging from stress to hormonal imbalance could have caused it. Nana was grateful to her partner who hugged her tight as they mourned their little angel that they never met. Kaka was really the perfect spouse during her trying time, sitting right by her side when she woke up but that didn’t stop her mind from wandering.

Nana said she thought about a lot of things, including whether she will be able to conceive again and if she does, will she be able to carry it full term. She also wondered whether her relationship with King Kaka would survive the massive blow. With her eyes swollen, mind in a trance, soul fractured, heart dented, and womb childless, she dared to hope for another baby.

Nana Got Pregnant Three Months Later

King Kaka
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After her bad experience, it only took Nana Owiti three months to conceive again and this time things went well as the couple was blessed with their baby girl Gweth. Three years down the line, their son Prince Iroma joined the family in October 2017. Initially, they kept Iroma’s arrival under wraps but the Kenyan rapper later unveiled the face of the newborn, following which Nana took to her socials to announce his birth with a picture of the baby’s tiny feet.

While King Kaka and Nana were busy enjoying becoming parents for the second time, their daughter Gweth was having a difficult time accepting the new addition to the family. It was really hard for the girl to understand that she had to share dad and mum’s love with another person from then on. Owiti let on that Gweth refused even to hold her baby brother.

When Iroma was eventually brought home from the hospital, Gweth was completely pissed and wanted nothing to do with him. She actually told her mother to take the crying baby back to his own home and kept shouting for him to stop the crying. Gweth equally told Iroma to stop eating mummy whenever she sees the little boy feeding. However, she later came to understand that Iroma was her little brother and has been protective of him ever since.

Important to note that Gweth and Iroma are not King Kaka’s only children. He was involved in a previous relationship with musician Sage and fathered a daughter with her.

There Are Two Additional Members of King Kaka’s Family Besides His Kids

Reports have it that the couple incorporated their domestic manager Christine and her son Roy into their family. The rap artist recently made an Instagram post introducing his family members and surprisingly, he named both Christine and her son as members of his family, but left out the baby girl he fathered with singer Sage. His actions have given rise to allegations that he may well be the father of Christine’s son, however, he was quick to nip those rumors in the bud.


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