The Interesting Story of Mantwa Matlala Who Became Julius Malema’s Wife

Mantwa Matlala is one of South Africa’s beautiful young women, a seasoned accountant, and also a supportive wife to Julius Malema, the popular South African politician and activist.

Matlala, despite being married to a public figure has managed to keep a lot about her personal life far away from the reach of the general public. We do not have details concerning her birth date and even information on some other personal details about her are quite sketchy. She comes across as a shy person who could only open up to people who are very close to her, that notwithstanding, we have dug out some facts which we believe you will find interesting.

She Met Julius Malema While In High School

Sources have it that Matlala and Julius began dating while she was in high school, they dated for quite a while before they eventually tied the knot on December 27, 2014, at Malema’s hometown in Seshogo, Limpopo province. There were reports that it was when her neighbors had to sign the petition to allow her family to mount a marquee on the street in preparation for the wedding that they got wind of the wedding plans. Her parents’ home was also said to have been painted in beautiful colors in preparation for the wedding.

The ceremony was a private one and strictly on invitation. There was a heavy security presence with at least 20 armed men dressed in black suits and red ties who also helped to ensure that only invited guests were allowed to grace the ceremony, which is not surprising because of Julius’ political affiliations. Security officials were said to have informed neighbors that taking pictures was not allowed and they were all strongly advised not to climb on the fence of the house in order to take a peek at what was going on during the ceremony. Though the neighbors were not invited to the ceremony, some of them when interviewed said they wished they could have gotten an invite while others maintained that they understand that not everybody can be allowed into the ceremony.

Julius has been an activist since he was about 9 years old and is definitely no stranger to public life and the lack of privacy it brings. The wedding had in attendance a lot of his fellow Economic Freedom Fighters, as well as his lawyer Tumi Mokoena, some popular TV personalities, and a host of other dignitaries. There were only 500 guests in attendance at the ceremony and some guests were said to have arrived in a helicopter.

The Couple Has Two Sons Together

Julius and Matlala have 2 sons together, while Julius has an older son, Ratanang Malema, from a previous relationship with Maropeng Ramohlale, bringing the total number of children to 3. His oldest child Ratanang was born in October 2006 while Matlala’s first biological son, Munzhedi was born in October 2016, and the youngest of them all is Kopani, born in February 2018. The couple is proud of their boys and always celebrates them at any chance they get.

On one occasion, Julius came under public scrutiny when he decided not to withdraw Ratanang from a private school, despite accusing public/ top government officials of not using public facilities and institutions. It seems they wanted him to lead by example or do we say “practice what you preach”. Julius however did not succumb to the blackmail as he ensured the little boy went to a private school. This was one of the few occasions where the Malema children were dragged into the public court of opinion, but asides from that, the Malemas have managed to maintain a relatively low profile for their kids.

Did Malema Really Keep His Marriage And Family Off Social Media?

Whoever knows Julius would definitely know that he has vehemently guarded his private life but still manages to share with the public a bit about his prized possession – his family. He always seizes every opportunity to gush about his beautiful wife, talking about how supportive and industrious she is. His social media handle is always full of pictures and praises for the beautiful Matlala, sometimes referring to her as “my management”.

Many are of the opinion that Malema kept his family life away from social media for quite some time and although we do not know if he really did keep them away or why he did so, we believe it could be due to his involvement in politics. It could have been a strategy to keep things under control if or when there is a scandal, on the other hand, it could be a security measure on his part and although Julius has managed to trend in both local and international news for all the wrong and also right reasons, his wife Mantwa never fails to show her support for his ideas and attends as many of his activities as possible.

Mantwa Matlala Also Keeps A Low Profile on Social Media

Just like her husband, Matlala was born and raised in Seshogo. Before her marriage to Julius, we barely knew anything about her background and some blogs mentioned that she is “purposefully elusive”. Mantwa has been able to keep her private life away from the public as much as possible we however know that asides from being born in Seshogo, she also attended Capricorn High School for her secondary education and works as an Accountant in a Johannesburg-based company. We also have it on good report that she sure knows how to party and have a good time. Ranging from the lavish bridal shower she had before her wedding and how she is said to “force” her husband for a movie night and deliberate planning of date nights, it is obvious that Matlala is a fun-loving lady, even though she is not in a hurry to splash her fun times all over social media.

Mantwa Matlela is also a dedicated wife and mother, she seems to have a positive influence over her family as seen in the ways her husband attributes both his big and little success stories to her. He speaks a lot about how she influenced his weight loss journey and how she has helped him to manage resources at home. She has an all-around influence on the success of her family life and her husband is enjoying achievements both at home and in his career due to the support she so lavishly showers on her household. It is no wonder that even social media influencers are of the opinion that Julius worships her like she is a queen.

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